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pennylane000 11-05-2010 09:25 PM

Do I need a revision? Is the tip still swollen?
All of my family and close friends swear it looks fine but I would really like some unbiased opinions. I had this done about seven months ago and I have three major concerns:

1) As you can tell by the first picture, there is a small bump, which almost looks like an air bubble under my skin, on the bridge of my nose. I got it after my surgeon instructed me to press firmly down the bridge to even out what was left of the bump. I pressed down on the cartilage instead of the bone and here we are.
2) It looks very crooked, especially from the front
3) The tip- I can't tell if it's just swollen or what but its making my nose look very long in proportion to my face.

I would love to take the photos down asap so please respond quickly!

EZSL 11-06-2010 09:13 AM

I don't think you need a revision surgery.
Wait at least a year or a year and a half and see how your nose changes.
The so called 'shrink wrapping' is probably still happening.
I had my nose done about a month ago. My tip is still swollen. I had a small hump removed, and I also had some work done on my tip. Doctor said it will take some time for the final result to show and for the skin to wrap around to what he built underneath.

I think your nose looks good. I don't know if you had work done on the tip or just the hump was removed!? Also, I don't know what your nose looked like before.

Good luck and don't worry

pennylane000 11-06-2010 03:30 PM

Thank you for your opinions. Anyone else? Be brutally honest, I can take it! :)

robyne00 11-06-2010 03:57 PM

When did you have your surgery? Can you post a before pic for comparison as well?

pennylane000 11-06-2010 04:02 PM

About seven months ago. No, I literally don't have any way of posting a before picture, but I used to have a big bump that looked awful especially from the fourth and fifth pictures' point of view.

Rainbowsky 11-10-2010 04:26 PM

Its looks pretty good to of the better nose jobs I've seen on here. May I ask the name of your surgeon ? You can pm it if you'd prefer it not be on the board. Thanks!

JonathanA 11-10-2010 05:27 PM

Your nose looks quite nice. I would not recommend a revision. At the very least, give it a few more months - swelling can take as long as a year to completely subside.


JonathanA 11-11-2010 06:14 PM

I'd also like the name of your surgeon, if you don't mind sharing. Please PM.



Mr. Z 11-17-2010 01:55 AM

I like the outcome and wouldn't risk messing it up with a revision.

brody 01-08-2011 12:14 PM

Your nose looks nice and will continue to shrink. Wait 18-24 months, it really can take that long. At 7 months you have a way to go. I'm almost 1 yr post revision rhino and it is still shrinking, revisions take even longer. I'm very happy but was concerned a few months ago, but then more shrinkage! Be patient!

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