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nosejob79 10-23-2010 05:13 AM

coping with a tip that is chopped off
Hi everyone!

I had 2 bad nasal surgeries.
The primary doctor removed all my nose cartilage and the ridge of the nose for no reason or full lack
of rhinoplasty expertise so the other doctor who I'd chosen for the revision
used my right ear cartilage to build my full nose up.

But it wasn't enough and useful because it didn't get the strenght,the
stability and the shape we really wanted.I think ear cartilage only can be
used for less lack of nose cartilage or tissues.*And ear cartilage is
curved and too soft for being used as a tissue in noses.If you want to give
a nose a really good shape you cannot use ear at all.*
My nose after the gypsum had been taken off started deforming again.

No words left behind to express how I feel now.
It's like losing all the ray of hope I had.
I have one more hope of having a third nosejob with use of rib cartilage.
All I wish and want is a nose that looks natural ,not like a
zombie.Especially my tip that is wider than ever with loads of dent all
around with oblique nostrils.I want incisions and dents vanished and a tip natural contured.
I am very upset about what I have to see in the
mirror.I cannot stand my own reflection and mirrors are now enemies with
cameras as well.My face is a mess!!

Mr. Z 11-17-2010 02:42 AM

Be careful with rib cartilage it is tricky to work with. Crushed rib cartilage that is then assembled into place and wrapped in fascia is usually okay. Taking a chunk of solid rib and using it as a bridge may warp over time. Post some pics so I can get a better idea of what you have going on.

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