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rosiepetunia 10-12-2010 08:34 PM

Midwest or East coast rhino recommendations Please!!
HI everyone

I'm new to the site and recently moved to Chicago from Cali; looking for a rhinoplasty specialist. I have seen a few doc's including Dr Toriumi and some from California but haven't found the one. Dr Toriumi was way over priced and didn't listen to my needs or concerns and there are bad reviews of his work on the web. Ive been looking at:

Dr Thomas Le - Maryland
Dr Spencer Cochran - Texas
Dr Norman Pastrek - NY
Dr Mark Epstein - NY
Dr Anil Shah - Chicago
Dr Mark Constatian - New Hampshire

I have an over hanging columella that protrudes out past my side nostrils, a hump on the bridge and a bulbous tip. My nose is also to long for my face, I would say I have a very ethnic slavic style nose. My other facial features are very petite and delicate so my nose does not fit with the rest of my features. Does anyone have any recommendations on these doc's or any others I should look up. Thanks for your response and help ;)

jada 11-04-2010 09:57 AM

Dr Jennifer Levine
I recommend Dr Jennifer Levine in NYC. She did my revision rhinoplasty. She never goes overboard and tries to make it look as natural as possible. She is not only a facial plastic surgeon but is also certified in ENT surgery which means she will help you breathe better! Good Luck.

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