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EZSL 10-12-2010 09:05 AM

One week after Rhinoplasty Procedure
I just came across this website and after reading some of the forum topics and threads regarding Rhinoplasty, I decided to register and share my experience so far. And probably ask questions.
I had my procedure done exactly a week ago. On October 5th.
My nose had a slight bump, but what I mostly didn't like about it was the round tip and no nostril definition at all. In profile just appeared a little droopy and long.
I had been fixated on this for many years and finally got it done.
I met with a plastic surgeon whom I felt comfortable with. He understood what I wanted to get done exactly and after discussing the details, we set a date.
I went into surgery a little nervouse. Not because of the procedure itself, but because i was afraid if I was going to get the result I wanted. I was a nervous reck pretty much.
During the surgery I was sedated, so of course I didn't remember anything after I woke up. There was no pain, just discomfort from the anesthesia.
The nose was bleeding and I got sent home with a little padding under my nose to collect the blood. The bleeding stopped pretty much on the second day after surgery.
The first four to five days you can't really breath throgh your nose, due to internal swelling. So, sleeping was a little difficult for the few several days.
The morning after the surgery I woke up swallen in the eye and cheekbone area, and also with bruises in the same places. The obvious swelling of the face disappears withing 5 days after surgery. The bruising and discoloratin will go away a bit slower.
During those first days there is a cast over your nose to protect it and keep the shape.
On the 6th most of the purple briuses are gone, the obvious swelling of the face is also gone and I looked more normal. But there is a yellowish cast on my skin under my eyes.
So, in this day, 6 days after surgery I went to have my cast removed(yesterday).
I was super nervous of seeing my new nose. Although I was aware that there would be swelling at first and I won't be able to see the final result at all, I didn't actually think that this new nose would a actually look BIGGER than my old nose.
Right now I am worried that the doctor didn't do what I wanted, and I will not see a change at all.
At this stage, seven days after surgery I know it's way too early to see anything.
There is still a slight slight bump on the bridge area, where the bone bump used to be. Now it seems like it's just swallen skin. The tip looks bigger and bulbous than even my original tip.
I know I have to be patient and see how it develops in the first few months to come.

By the way I was/am taking homeopathic medicine called 'Arnica Montana' which helps with swelling and bruising. And also was using Arnica cream(homeopathic cream), to put on my cheeks. These really help!!

I would appreciate it if anyone could give an advice or share their experience.

jinglealltheway 10-12-2010 03:05 PM

it would VERY helpful if you posted a before photo and a current photo of your nose. you'll be able to get better advice and assistance that way.

EZSL 10-12-2010 04:19 PM

I just tried to upload images to an album I made, but it only gives me messages that the uploading failed or wrong type of document when I tried uploading one at a time.
They are very small downsized jpg's. Not sure what's wrong.
Can someone help!? Thank you!

EZSL 10-13-2010 04:15 AM

Really? Smaller than 19kb??
On the instructions before I upload it says max size below 97kb.
Or they will be automatically downsized if larger.
In the prompt message that appeared it said it was a wrong type document.
I just don't get it. I know about images.

jinglealltheway 10-13-2010 08:01 AM


Originally Posted by EZSL (Post 9306)
Really? Smaller than 19kb??
On the instructions before I upload it says max size below 97kb.
Or they will be automatically downsized if larger.
In the prompt message that appeared it said it was a wrong type document.
I just don't get it. I know about images.

upload them to
and then just post links to the photos in here

EZSL 10-13-2010 10:27 AM

2 Attachment(s)
here are before and after:

jinglealltheway 10-13-2010 11:20 AM

[QUOTE=EZSL;9311]here are before and after:

I'd say that is most certainly swelling. especially since its only been 1week. you need to give it at least a good 3 months....sometimes even up to a year to see the final results.

i think your rhino turned out great. hump removed nicely, and the droopiness removed very nicely. your doctor is very good. doesn't look like a nose that was surgically altered. very natural looking. I would just give it some time to refine itself as the swelling dissipates. who was your doc btw?

EZSL 10-13-2010 11:41 AM

Thanks. I will wait and see what happens. I hear the swelling of the tip of the nose goes down very slowly and will take more time, compared to the swelling over the bridge.
I know there must me still swelling to go down all over, even the bridge area even though it looks like the hump is gone. I told my doctor to make my nose straight and not scooped. And the tip narrower.
Thank you for the feedback. I will be posting more pictures. Every week or two weeks and see how it changes.
I will send you a message regarding my surgeon's name.

cole 10-15-2010 12:09 PM

Wow I think your nose looks great! Very natural looking, I would be very pleased with the results...I haven't had the surgery yet, just starting to research different doctors and things. Would you mind PMing me who your doctor was?

EZSL 10-15-2010 05:57 PM

Thanks. We will see how it will shape in the coming weeks and months.
The tip is of course still swallen. So I hope it shinks soon.
I will PM you my doctors name.

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