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rmt 07-12-2010 11:58 PM

Any feedback on these rhino surgeons?
After several failed past attempts to find a suitable (primary) rhino surgeon, I'm determined to pick the right one for me in Los Angeles.

Any personal experience with ANY of the following?
Francis Palmer
Daniel Yamini
Richard Fleming
Marc Mani
Armen Vartany

I like what I read about them, but can't find much feedback on this site or others.

For the record, I've already consulted with
David Kim - he couldn't have been more apathetic. Only spoke in vague generalities, kept me waiting for over an hour, and had no photos of any male noses remotely like mine.
Grigoryants - said he couldn't do anything for me (thick skin, bulbous tip, but no dorsal hump, like the vast majority of his patients)
Solieman & Litner - liked them a LOT but am somewhat concerned by some of the negative posts I've read. (I'll probably return for a followup consult, after I've checked out a few other doctors).

Thanks for ANY help you can give!

kelly23 07-21-2010 10:20 PM

Are you talking about David E Kim or David W Kim? There's a David kim in the LA area and one in San Fran.

All I can say is who NOT to go to, as my primary was botched by a doctor in the LA area. Would you be willing to travel or no?

rmt 07-26-2010 10:41 PM

I was talking about David Kim in LA
Would love to know who you went to in LA -- and no, I'd rather not travel...

kevin305 12-01-2010 01:12 AM

Did you have any new consults since then? I'm just curious to know why Grigoryants said he couldn't do anything. Did he explain the reasons to you?

AmandaPine 03-11-2011 04:55 PM

Dr Soliman and Litner
I got rhinoplasty done by these amazing talented guys, Dr Soliman and Litner. I coulnt not say enough great things about them. I did my research and these guys were the most amazing doctors I have ever met. I got my nose done Feb 23rd 2011. The surgery was a breeze! I had a broken nose, and messed up Septum. These guys are very kind and gentle. I experienced no pain and the surgery and after surgery was easy. I would recommend these guys to anyone that wants this done. I am an actress and they do a lot of work on actors which made me feel even more at ease. My nose looks incredible, its straight as can be and it looks pretty much the same but more refined, exactly what I wanted. I just hung out with some friends and they didn't even notice! I loved how whenever I would go in for appointments they would see me RIGHT AWAY, no wait! They also dealt with my insurance company right away. These guys are on it. They made me feel so at ease about everything. If I had to do it again I would! The surgery was super easy. NO packing, NO Stints nothing uncomfortable! Even the week after surgery everything was amazing. I was scared when I went to get the Cast off and stitches out but that was a breeze also. I love that their revision rate is less than 1% and they guarantee their work. That tells you right there that they are incredible. They have nothing but excellent reviews online. I love on their website that they show patients before and after, the after is taken 1 year later! You can only see results in a nose job 1 year later! Some of these horrible doctors are posting pictures 6 weeks later! That is not realistic. I loved how comfortable the whole process was. Everything I was scared about was not even an issue. They make you feel so at ease and the whole process was very very easy. I couldn't believe how easy this whole thing was! Time flew by. I cannot say enough amazing things about these doctors. I also loved that they did a general on me, where I was completely out. I hear horror stories about people going under , not fully and waking up during surgery. I was so blessed to have a general. I've never been in a surgery before but this was perfect. I was out before I knew it and woke up. Surgery was 3 hours but felt like 1 minute. They even took pictures of my broken nose to send to my insurance. They had all bases covered. The price was amazing , it was like a buy one get one free because you have 2 amazingly proficient doctors working on you. I went to a consultation with a doctor in Northern California and he was $1000 more and you weren't even getting a general surgery. I love that they do open Rhinoplasty because with closed they would not have been able to see my broken nose in the back and my loose bone chip. I am so grateful I went to these guys. It has been 2 weeks and I have already worked twice and have gone to auditions. And I was badly bruised due to the broken part. The scar under the nose is already gone, you cant even tell it was open Rhinoplasty. Everything went amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful and beyond excited about my new beautiful straight nose!

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