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scissorsister 02-16-2008 03:37 PM

non surgical rhinoplasty exists??!

What is the deal with this anyway? I saw a video on youtube where they inject a filler like restalin into the nose to give it a new shape. does this really work? does it look good? i can't afford a full out nose job so if there's any options i can do instead to change your nose i'm all up for it!

versace 02-17-2008 01:29 AM

This may sound like a nice concept, but injectable fillers are no solution to use in place of rhinoplasty. Nearly every type of cosmetic nasal procedure including septoplasty and rhinoplasty almost always involve removing tissue and not adding any. This is especially true with the tip: no one undergoes changing the tip to make it larger [or adding matter] it is always to make the tip narrower or smaller. This is across the board no matter what ethnicity you may be, from Caucasian to African-American. With septoplasty nearly 90% of the time it involves bringing the nasal bones closer together [hence slimming the septum] so adding matter cannot do this. The only circumstances where a injectable filler could work on the nose is if you have very little projection of the bridge (more common in people of Asian descent) and want to build up the bridge - in this circumstance injecting Radiesse or equivalent could be a short-term solution. Another way it may benefit is if the bridge has below average projection with a defect such as a dorsal hump or other bump that could be camouflaged by extending the bridge outward using a filler so it is not visible. My estimate would be in over 95% of patient complaints regarding their nose, an injectable filler would not offer any type of improvement.

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