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Norm 06-09-2010 09:36 AM

NYC Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons
Hello all -- I'm returning to this forum after a couple months absence, as I am now searching for the right surgeon in the NYC area (including northern NJ) to perform revision rhinoplasty.

I'd like to say that money is no object, but some of these guys get awfully pricey! (Especially in Manhattan, of course.) The various consultations alone will set me back a cool thousand or more. And their office staff are, predictably, more comfortable quoting a floor than a ceiling cost.

So far I have appointments within the next two weeks with:

Pastorek (NY)
Pearlman (NY)
Rizk (NY)
Scaccia (NJ)
Tobias (NJ)

Any additional names I should not neglect, please do chime in. Thanks!

prince 06-11-2010 01:23 PM

Hi there,

It would be good to know what you think of all these doctors as I'm searching for a good doctor to do a revision rynoplasty. I've had 3 in the UK and they are all bad. I live in washington DC and will be willing to travel ANYWHERE and pay ANYTHING to fix this mess.

A couple of years ago I went to LA in my search because I was told it's the best place for plastic surgery. I met with Paul Nassif but didn't feel comfortable with the consultation so I opted out. Someone recommended Dr Dean Toriumi but after doing a lot of internet research I found a lot of unhappy people so I cancelled my appointment. The problem I have is this: My nostrils are thin and different sizes, the nose is too thin and looks like it has had work and to top it all, I have problems breathing!

My life has been hell living with this nose. I'd really appreciate any feedback.

Norm 06-12-2010 12:14 PM

I feel your pain, prince, for sure. My appointments will take place over the next couple of weeks (although a couple of them may fall by the wayside), so I'll try to update this thread with my impressions.

prince 06-15-2010 11:44 AM

Thanks Norm. I'll keep you posted too with my search - who knows, we might luck out after all of this pain!

Norm 06-20-2010 05:18 PM

What I took away from my consultations so far (I'll add to this later):

Pearlman: Made a good impression. Typical Park Avenue office, swank, quiet and professional. Typical Park Ave prices too, around $15K total for revision. Uses photo imaging, but makes clear it's only aspirational. Required that my revision be open surgery. Good about going into detail as to the procedures involved; we spent a lot of time talking about the specific structure of my nose, the positioning of the cartilage, and how he would want to address it. Says ninety percent of his practice is rhinoplasties. I found him knowledgeable and helpful, and I'll be keeping him in mind.

Scaccia: Recommended in another forum. Based solely on the consult, I wouldn't second that. Rhino is just a portion of his one-stop shop plastic surgery practice. We did not see eye to eye on what procedures I needed done; we spent a lot of time talking past each other. And he wanted $15K total for the revision (considerably more than his staff quoted me beforehand on the phone). Too costly for someone who doesn't inspire abundant confidence.

Tobias: Made a good impression. Does exclusively rhinoplasty, and exclusively closed (which obviously is appealing). Styles himself a pioneer of closed surgery, in a battle with the old guard (mentioned Gunther and Toriumi). Has a rather distinct personality. Not punctual; I waited 45 minutes past my appointment time, and I'm sure those after me waited longer. He does talk up a storm, but moving past the sales patter we were *mostly* in agreement as to what needed doing. Careful about managing expectations. Charges a couple thousand less than Manhattan prices. I plan to speak with him more.

prince 06-21-2010 08:27 AM

Thanks Norm - this is reallly useful! Please keep us posted - I might make a trip to NY end of july to meet with Dr's so it'll be good to know who will be worth visiting.

Norm 06-22-2010 01:54 PM

Pastorek: Gentle demeanor, respectful. Unusual consult, in that we essentially ended it early by mutual agreement (he charged me a reduced fee, which I appreciated). He's notable among other things for not doing any kind of sales pitch. He studied my nose carefully and identified the problems satisfactorily, but we were in disagreement as to the solutions. I found his proposed changes too subtle. The more I questioned him, the more his patience started to fray. By that point, I was feeling we were not a good match anyway. We recognized this and parted ways genially.

lawoman 06-24-2010 08:38 AM


I so appreciate your play by plays on the docs you are consulting with. Please keep updating and let us know who you decide to go with!:)

Norm 06-24-2010 09:40 PM

Happy to provide info, prince and lawoman. Last one for a while:

Rizk: Cool, reserved, quiet confidence. More of a soft sell; suggested taking it slow and even consulting with other doctors. Also directed me to one of his websites,, which actually appears to be a useful site (and which he accessed for me, rather ostentatiously, by googling "best rhinoplasty surgeon" or something similar.) We were basically in agreement as to the procedures involved, although he did not go into as much detail as Pearlman did. Says he does a high volume of rhinos (double digits weekly, if I recall correctly); his only other area is dermatology of the face. Does many closed surgeries, but requires mine to be open (to facilitate grafts). Pricey; I estimate the total could potentially come to $16-17K. I'll at least keep him in mind.

blucoyo 03-15-2011 11:21 AM

Nyc ent

I'm in NYC and need surgery on my deviated septum. I've found a number of referrals on the web but I"d like to hear from someone that has actually had it done and the name of their doctor. My only procedure is septoplasty so I'm not looking for a plastic surgeon,ENT will do fine..



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