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acaipear 06-04-2010 09:58 PM

Doctors in America good @ bulbous tip and wide bridge (my pics inside
Not really concerned with profile view. Just hate the frontal view. Wide bridge, shapeless potato-like nose, that looks swollen compared to the rest of the face.

I like my features. Hate my nose.

I edit the nose of a general idea of what I'd like. (excuse the botched up editing, it's just a little shrink tool) and it's still slightly crooked, can't fix that.

Anyway yeah, general idea. I hate the look of a nose getting slimmer and less bulbous and the nostrils still freaking stick out!! so I brought in the nostrils more. Is that even possible?

Is there a doctor that's really good at slimming like everything? Most photos I see are profile views of people with curved or bumpy noses. It'd be great if that was my problem but it seems like frontal view differences aren't that great.

I'm not going for a "natural" nose job. I want a nose that I can tolerate. It will be obvious to friends and family that I had it altered, but to new people I meet, they won't think anything of it, unless they're into plastic surgery themselves, cause I know some people can tell a natural slim nose from an altered one.

I'm just worried about paying a lot and getting that flared nostril look I see when they slim the tip and bridge, OR the results being too "natural" and subtle for me to feel satisfied.

Willing to travel in the US. Currently in Colorado.

P.S. I know the little editing crap is terrible, but I just have a general idea of what I'd like. I'm a visual. I want to see some sort of idea before I plan and do. Not saying the nose has to be the one in the picture (cause god, that would be terrible, lol)

robyne00 06-05-2010 11:00 AM

Welcome to the forum!!!

Feel free to PM me for recommendations.

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