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kooie 05-29-2010 10:54 AM

Rhinoplasty for rebuilding nose bridge (photos)
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This is the 3rd forum I have written on. I am having a very very hard time right now.
I wonder what am I am to do.
This is so hard

I had nose surgery 10 days ago. I wanted a bridge.

I paid 11,000 in cash for a bridge to placed on my nose.

I know I need to get it fixed but who ??? I don't trust my judgment.

There is a doctor whose practice is 4 hours away. anyone heard of him?
Dr. Issa Eshima, but how do I know he is legit.
Will he or can he even help me.

kooie 05-29-2010 10:58 AM

Sorry i am not sure why the photo isn't bigger... anyone care to tell me how to fix that?

never mind- I just figured it out ... you have to double click the image...

I know this is a horrible outcome and I hope someone will talk to me about this.
I am losing it big time :shocked:

Amy 05-29-2010 02:15 PM

Wow. What is your doctors response to this?

You need to research Dr. Eshima. I noticed lots of positive reviews on websites but a lot of them were for different procedures. Look into his rhino reviews try to touch base with the reviewers...often times you can contact them through email.

kooie 05-30-2010 10:35 AM

I am losing it
man I need some help... I am losing weight, crying all the time. If someone could please please please help find a doctor to correct this I could feel a little better.

The idiot put some grafting on the tip of my nose. why I don't have a clue,and why don't I have a bridge?????

well it can be only reason He is a bad nose surgeon...

his response to me is... "look you had a child nose and now you have and adult nose, I don't know why your crying" he got angry with me.
Don't you think I can get my money back from him. I mean he made that digital photo of what he was going to do and he didn't do it.

when I went in to have the bandage taken off last Tuesday after he got done cleaning out the nose he finally let me look in the mirror.

he didn't hand me a mirror I had to stand up to look in the wall mirror. From the front it look ok but I kept looking around for a hand mirror but there wasn't one and he kept talking to me and my husband about technical stuff and drawing on a board what he did in my nose- but the whole time I am frantically looking around for a friggin hand mirror.

He kept going on and on and I got distracted and Ieft his stupid office and never saw my profile. When I got home I looked at that profile and I fell to the floor. I couldn't breathe and I lost it- BIG TIME I lost it....

I waited my whole life for this. I had a very deformed turned up nose and was teased so bad about it all my life. I was crazy inside because of this nose.

I have spent my whole life looking down. I have never held my head up, I hate that pig nose and you could see up the nostrils and I hated that the most.

Ever single photo of me is with my head down, from my license to my costco card my head is down so the nostrils can't be seen so much.

When I was 4 years old I sucked my thumb and would take my finger and try to smooth out that bridge and I rub on the sides of my nose to make the nostrils smaller. I must have heard someone say something about my nose. I mean how could a 4 year old know they were different.

So I saved and saved the 11 grand, I was so excited to get my new nose. I am 56 years old and i still want a nose... I was on top of the world... so the let down is almost more then I can bear.

anyone got ANY advice for me... how do I get over this... what doctor?

I saw some stuff on Dr. Frankel and a place called profiles.. I live in Northern ca. Beverly Hills going to be an 8 or 10 hour drive. Is this what I should do...
oh god someone please take pity on me and give me some direction...
thanks you guys..

kooie 05-30-2010 03:53 PM

what about this guy?
anyone know anything Dr. Sam Most in San Fran...
I like his before and after

Anna 05-30-2010 11:51 PM

I am so sorry that you have had a bad experience. Do not worry there are many doctors in California that will be able to help you when you have healed. The first step however will be to heal from this surgery. All of this stress you are feeling is hurting your ability to heal from the surgery. I know this is probably hard advice to hear when you are so devastated with your results but please hear me out...
I was researching surgeons for a very long time for my rhinoplasty and when I decided on my doctor, it was based upon the advice he gave me on the healing process. He spoke about the importance of trying to be as stress free as possible around the time of your surgery. He told me in all of his years performing rhinoplasty, his patients that are the most stressed (from work, from relationships, etc) have the hardest time healing....this is the body's physical response to the mental stress. This can result in more puffiness and swelling. fyi, if you had grafting on your is definitely swollen right now therefore it will skew the look of your bridge in proportion to the tip.
So my advice would be to allow yourself to heal. Once you have done this, you can then begin to look for a new surgeon...and don't worry there are plenty who can help. I consulted with many of the top surgeons (including Frankel) in southern california and I would be happy to give you names of revision surgeons that are worth consulting with.
p.s. you still look very beautiful and your results definitely improved the upturn of your tip.

kooie 05-31-2010 10:23 AM

thanks Anna for such a thoughtful and kind post.
I know the stress is not helping the healing. In fact its making the swelling much worse...
I am scared because the graft is coming though into one of my nostrils. I see and ent on Wed,...I will feel better after he tells me everything is medically ok...

Yes would you please talk to me about doctors that you know are good at fixing this.
Some one told me about Dr. Jay Calvert and I contacted him.
He e-mailed me last night and again this morning. Do you know anything about him?

Thanks everyone for putting up with my whining. Its helping me work through this.

I will get strong and kick butt- just need some more time.

kooie 06-02-2010 09:46 PM

I saw a ENT today and he was appalled by what was done.

I had my bridge worked on about 15 years ago, but it was a friend who did the work and he didn't charge. It was in Montana. He used some of my scalp to give me a bridge. It was nice but it was gone in 4- 5 years as he said it would be. I was left with the same deformed nose I was born with.
Today I saw in Culverts and a couple of other surgeons sites where some doctors are using tissue from the side of the scalp, does this last? Mine didn't and wasn't expected to.
Has anyone had this done or know anything about it?
When I get my bridge re-done I don't that because that was already done and it was temporary.
I am worried about what will be used????

noseshopping 06-04-2010 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by kooie (Post 7580)
anyone know anything Dr. Sam Most in San Fran...
I like his before and after

I am so so sorry for your troubles. It's heartbreaking.
I consulted with Sam Most and wasn't impressed. He had a very different aesthetic than I and I wasn't sure about his experience.

I decided to go with Ronald Gruber for a revision. Not the warmest fuzziest person he's nonetheless super experienced and morphed a great nose for me.

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