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Newbie 05-13-2010 05:05 PM

Some recommendations for Florida please...
:study: Hello everyone, Iím new here and Iíve been trying to look around this forum but donít see many recommendations or info about Rhinoplasty specialists located in Florida (where I live). Iíve been thinking about having this done since I was about 15 years old but really never took the initiative to make it happen until now. Iím hoping to get a response and some advice on specialists here (in FL). So far Iíve been doing research the best I can on my free time for about 3 mths but I canít say that any have really struck me as ďthe oneĒ.

Iíve had a consultation with Dr. Richard Davis, who Iíve found very mixed reviews of on the internet. He showed me a lot of pictures of previous patients. I can agree with others in the aspect that heís good at explaining exactly what his procedures entail. I didnít like the direction he was taking with my surgery. He was more focused narrowing the front view. The difference in the side view he created was sooo miniscule that basically you canít tell a big difference other than the small hump is gone and the tip is turned a bit. My nose looks straight but big and pointier. Not to mention the Columella cartilage was significantly noticeable in the image. Honestly, I donít want to open my face and subject my nose to such a traumatic procedure for him to just make it straight if itís gonna look almost bigger from the side view. I donít think my hump is that that bad but the over all sizeÖ.is.

I definitely appreciate a doctor that wont go over the deep end on your face but I donít want a doctor that refuses (or doesnít have the skills) to explore more possibilities within the line of safety and lasting results. He mentioned that the more you shave off the profile the thicker the front becomes. I told him Iím willing to see what that looks like on the computer but he ignored what I said and told me heís certain that Iíll be happy with the results. Then told me if the outcome was anything similar to the computer imaging he kept his side of the bargain (which I already told him I didnít like) then he also said he was going to do some grafting. All I can think about is my nose is going to end up bigger than when I walked in here.

From my perspective he seemed skilled and professional but conservative and very aware of the bad comments being made on the internet because he mentioned it during the consultation. Now, I know that heís better known for revision work but I canít help to wonder if heís such a good revision doctor why donít more primarys go to him(at least that my impression)? Am I wrong for thinking this?

Another consultation I had (worth mentioning) was with Dr. Michael Salzhauer. Fancy fancy fancy. He was easier to talk to and was willing to work with anything I suggested (The complete opposite of Dr Davis). I wish he would have explained more about the procedure and how he was going get to the out come he showed on the computer imaging. Anyone can Photoshop. The fact that it seemed I was the one more cautious of the risks involved with the results I wanted, and how he didnít really say much about how he was going to keep my nose breathable, made me uneasy. Though I admit I was tempted to book it that day because he was a better listener to what I wanted with my surgery. THEN a week or so later I stumble upon another website he has up called nose king of Miami Ö*blink blink blink* Öhmm, I donít think Iím okay with having my nose done with some one that calls himself the nose king of miami. Sounds like a used car salesmen. . If anyone knows better of him, please let me know.

So here I am back to square one. Any other reputable rhinoplasty surgeons you folks could bring to my attention I would absolutely appreciate it. Iíve been through so many sites they're all starting to look the same Ö.:confused:

robyne00 05-14-2010 05:20 PM

Can you post some pics (profile and a frontal pic or two)?

Newbie 05-16-2010 05:08 PM

Hi Robyne....sent it as a msg instead :o

sophy5 09-12-2010 02:56 PM

Hi Newbie.
I had my nose done by Dr Salzhauer. The result is beautiful. My nose looks perfect...except it doesn't feel perfect. I have permanent nerve damage to my upper lips, and the area of my nostrils and nasolabila folds is so sensitive, that it's hard for me to kiss my husband, blow my nose, and forget about getting Juvederm to fill in these lines! It's way to painful for me now.
However, I have only good echos from Dr Davis. In fact there are 2 Dr Davis in Miami who both specialize in rhino. One has a web site (the one you went to see) and one doesn't. The latter worked on a couple of my friends, and it is outstanding.
Check out Dr Simons from the Miami Instutitute at the four seasons on Brickell. He used to be the #1 Dr for rhino, but he is really old to my taste now. He worked on one of my friend last year, and despite his old age, it was really good!.
Hope it helps!

robyne00 11-08-2010 09:40 PM

What did your doctor say about your nerve damage, sophy5?

Mr. Z 11-17-2010 02:04 AM


I have permanent nerve damage to my upper lips, and the area of my nostrils and nasolabila folds is so sensitive, that it's hard for me to kiss my husband, blow my nose, and forget about getting Juvederm to fill in these lines!
I have never heard of something like that being caused by rhinoplasty. Please explain.

m333mz 12-29-2010 04:29 PM

Did you even get the rhinoplasty done? I'm in Florida too and I was thinking of going with Dr. Davis. If I happen to get mine done before you do I'll let you know how it went. If you already got yours done could you possibly pm me with details? Thanks and good luck with everything

Newbie 01-03-2011 08:01 PM

hey m333mz...sent you a pm

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