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lawoman 05-12-2010 06:30 PM

Dr Pastorek rhinoplasty revisions
Does anyone have first hand experience with this doctor or has anyone seen his work first hand? He has no pictures on his website and if I were to take on the great expense of flying up to consult with him, I'd want to hear more about his results. I know his reputation is very well respected but sometimes that allows a doctor to "rest on his laurels" and his performance can slack off.... plus, he is not getting any younger... thoughts?

lawoman 05-14-2010 03:14 PM

ok, I'll be less specific... who is great at revision rhinoplasty in NYC? :confused:

I really need to make some apts for consults as I'll be up there first week in June...


Anna 05-31-2010 12:34 AM

Definitely consult with Pastorek, his work is brilliant. I met with him a couple months ago and have my surgery with him in a few weeks. However, call first to see if he does revisions as I am not sure he does anymore. But as far as primary rhinos go, he has amazing results...from what I have seen:goog eyes:

robyne00 06-05-2010 09:43 AM

I have seen mixed results from Pastorek; some very good, others quite unfavorable. It truly depends on what your specific needs are as well (i.e.: ethnic rhino, tip refinement, etc.). I like some of the tip work I have seen from him. He is very into "creating an experience" for the patient.

I do not know anyone who has gone to him for revision.

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