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Amy 05-05-2010 10:50 PM

Important Questions To Ask During Rhino Consultation
I have 3 upcoming consultations and I want to go equipped, so that I can get the most out of my consultations.

I think this thread can be helpful to others on here as well, so please share your thoughts on good questions to ask during consults.

Below are a few off my list.

I'm no rhino expert, so these may seem pretty basic to some...

-What is the difference between rhinoplasty/ nose augmentation, compared to a nose reduction? Which would be my case? Which is more/less difficult to carry out?

-Will the nose need to be 'broken' and the walls brought in, or can my hump be removed by shaving the bone a bit?

-Would you say this is a difficult case, or a fairly simple one? On a scale of 1-10?

-What is the biggest challenge of my case?

-Have you done similar noses? Do you have before afters of similar cases?

-How does having thick skin effect the surgery process and the results? (I've been told I have above average thickness of skin)

robyne00 05-06-2010 08:50 AM

You have posted some insightful questions.

I posted the following in response to a similar thread:

"I do not want to overwhelm you, so basically I am going to tell you the basics:

Ask as many questions as you can.

Ask them how many surgeries they perform annually, as well as specifically how many surgeries they do monthly and/or annually as well.

Ask to see before and after pics of surgeries they have performed, specifically before and afters that pertain to your specific situation.

Go with your gut ... do you feel comfortable with this surgeon? Does he or she answer your questions in a thorough fashion? Is the surgeon actually able to answer your questions or do you feel like you are getting vague responses and/or brushed off? Does he or she take the time to answer your questions? Does the surgeon seem knowledgable? Is he or she compassionate?

Do your own research if you can. Speak to former patients (do not depend on the surgeon to provide these patients, as often they are not real patients if the doc is offering their info). Does the doc have lawsuits or has had any? How does the surgeon treat patients post op if they need revision? Does the doc provide good care post op (follow up etc.)?

These are the basics ... ;)<!-- google_ad_section_end --> "

Also, check out these links:

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