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Amy 05-03-2010 06:29 PM

Effects of Rhino on Facial Features/ Structure
I wanted to discuss how Rhinoplasty effects the rest of your features.

I'm a bit paranoid about getting a 'nose job' and am taking into consideration every side note that comes to mind.

I'm pretty sure that changing the structure of ones nose, shaving off a hump, and/or breaking the bones to bring your bridge together so as not to have a 'flat roof" can change the shape of your eyes or mouth, or even the depth of one's frown lines.

Depending on how it effects each face, it can round out the eye shape (i've seen this happen), create hollows underneath the eyes, etc..

Any input on this? Is this something surgeons discuss? I haven't had anyone bring this up to me in my consultations.

robyne00 05-03-2010 07:11 PM

Yes, rhinoplasty can affect the entire face on a grand scale. As the nose is the most prominent feature on the face, if one's nose is too large or small, shaped differently from the norm, and/or shaped differently than the rest of one's features, it can create a huge change in one's overall appearance. The nose can appear to affect the entire facial canvas on a much larger scale. This is because of the general perception of balance and the overall symmetry of the face, where the nose is the anchor as well as the central focal point.

When one begins with a large nose that is made smaller via rhinoplasty, post-op, other features will appear more prominent. If the nose is made too small or the rhinoplasty is botched (nose is askew or the bridge is too skinny to cite a few examples) the nose will be even more prominent.

Other facial changes can occur as you have specified. It is very important that the changes one makes to his or her nose are complementary and symmetrical to the rest of the facial features. Other features can be changed in size due to comparison with the old nose, or literally due to size changes of the nose itself.

Most surgeons will not bring up an intricacy such as this, as most patients are not projecting on such a deep level. You should bring it up. See what the surgeon says. If he or she cannot respond appropriately, or at all, you can weed said doc out of your "surgeon pool" so to speak.

Excellent topic. ;)

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