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odemadrid 04-14-2010 10:08 AM

Spreader Graft & Hump Removal
I have visited a few doctors to get rhinoplasty, and I am a bit confused by the approach doctors are taking. My big question is SPREADER GRAFTS

Somewhere on the web, I found the following statement

"a surgeon said if someone is going to remove a hump from your nose and doesn't suggest he might need to use a graft you should run a mile."

I am getting a nosal hump removed, and two doctors have suggested using spreader grafts after removing the hump; otherwise, my nose would look very think over the years. They both have said they have large numbers of revision rhinoplasty where doctors did not place spreader grafts and people were very unhappy with thin noses after a few years. Thus, these doctors would like to take that approach.
On the other hand, other doctors have not even mentioned spreader grafts, which makes me wonder if they are truly looking for my well-being and not just trying to make a quick buck...
What do you guys think?

robyne00 04-14-2010 06:40 PM

Spreader grafts are usually used to repair a collapsed portion of the nose or to avoid the nose collapsing. In plain language, after hump removal you might need a spreader graft to avoid your nose looking too slim or to prevent vault collapse. You must ensure that your surgeon is not too aggressive with a spreader graft, as many surgeons are infamous for overgrafting (wide nose issues). These types of grafts are often taken from the scalp, septal cartilage, or ear cartilage.

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