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Dallashousewife 04-14-2010 08:15 AM

Very dissapointed with rhinoplasty
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I had my rhinoplasty done two weeks ago to correct an uneven tip and remove the small hump on the bridge of my nose. I know that I am still quite swollen, but my main concern is the tip of my nose. My nose is much longer than pre-surgery. My surgeon asked me at three different appointments which side I wanted to go with on the tip - the longer side or the shorter side. I was very indecisive, even on the day of surgery and my surgeon did not offer any advice one way or another. He said it probably would not make much of a difference either way. I chose to go with the longer side because, as I told him, I did not want too much nostril showing. Well, now I have an extremely long nose that does not fit my face. Has anyone had this happen? Is there a chance that this is due to swelling and that it won't always appear too long? Also, the bump in the bridge of my nose seems to be the same as before surgery. I am pretty depressed. I would never have thought that I would come out of surgery with an even longer/bigger nose! All that money spent for nothing. Help! I have tried to attach pictures from both angles, but I am not sure if they are here or not. Do I really have to wait a full year to have the tip revised?

robyne00 04-14-2010 06:22 PM

Welcome to the forum!!! :)

Sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with your results.

The swelling is ever present and you might have to wait longer than a year for revision. Two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of healing in the realm of rhinoplasty. You might have to wait two years for your nose to completely settle.

The thing that concerns me most is that both you and your surgeon did not agree on exactly what was to be done with your procedure. Prior to any payment, signing of paperwork or surgery, the two of you should have been on the same page. The fact that he didn't offer any advisement, nor recommendation puzzles me. What bothers me even more is that he said it didn't matter, because it does! This is your face!!!

Have you spoken with your surgeon about your concerns? Due to the fact that you were both not in agreement pre-op, now you really can only address the concrete evidence that exists post-op. You can express your frustration about what happened prior to surgery, but that will merely be venting, as you should have both come to some sort of agreement regarding what was going to be done.

By the way, I do think you are a very attractive woman. I hope this works out for you. If you need additional assistance, definitely contact your surgeon, please feel free to private message me, and post additional messages on the forum.

Good luck! :)

Dallashousewife 04-15-2010 11:53 AM

Thank you so much! I did see my surgeon yesterday and he explained to me what happened. He told me I had extremely weak cartilage (actually said I had the weakest he had ever worked on) and because of this I do not have enough support in my tip and that is what is causing it to droop. My only option is to wait 18 months to have a revision surgery that he said would be very costly. I had to save a long time just to have the initial rhinoplasty, so I am not sure how that will work out! Such a frustrating situation....never really thought not loving my results would be a factor!

robyne00 04-15-2010 02:53 PM

Wait patiently, keep your surgeon posted, and monitor your progress very very closely.

If you see any negative changes or something you perceive as a digression in the progress of your healing, schedule an appointment asap.

Please be kind to yourself and keep us updated, pretty lady! ;)

danistarr 04-18-2010 01:30 PM

I think your nose looks great. You're a beautiful woman. Even with my surgery mine is still almost twice the size of yours..

robyne00 04-18-2010 01:37 PM

dallashousewife is beautiful, danistarr, both you and I said it, however beauty is relative. dallashousewife is not satisfied with the results of her procedure (like you) and how she feels about herself is what it crucial to consider.

danistarr 04-18-2010 01:44 PM


Originally Posted by robyne00 (Post 6195)
dallashousewife is beautiful, danistarr, both you and I said it, however beauty is relative. dallashousewife is not satisfied with the results of her procedure (like you) and how she feels about herself is what it crucial to consider.

Yes true, but my nose is actually still pretty hideous. I can't tell with her nose, it looks so small as it is. How much revision would it take to look like Michael Jackson?? :uh oh:

robyne00 04-18-2010 01:51 PM

Do a search in the celebrity portion of the forum for pics and further info. FYI Jackson has a prosthetic nasal tip for approximately two years prior to his death. His nose was operated on so many times he literally lost his nose.

cupcakes123 04-24-2010 08:01 PM

Hey Dallashousewife,

I just got mine done two weeks ago too. I am a little scared cuz my tip is still really big. I suggest you go read other people's post-op journals, many/most of them are freaking out about something or other.. if u keep reading they calm down after a few months. Reading these has helped me calm down and understand that it REALLY does take months and months for final results. If you're stuck, I know a great surgeon in Toronto, Canada that specializes in secondary rhinoplasty's ... but I'm sure u can find one in your area. As my surgeon told me last week, after rhino people literally become obsessed with their noses. I thought mine crooked afterwards, and asked my mom, dad, and the surgeon and no one could see it. You just have to remember to keep level headed.

And yes, I would wait a full year to get it revised because either A.. you will grow to like it and, B. it won't be healed and since your nose is already extra weak you will want to make sure it has enough strength to go back into surgery.

take care and I know everything will turn out just fine. Besides, you're already super gorg!!

robyne00 04-25-2010 09:10 AM

Some people have to wait longer than one year for revision. Please keep that in mind.

Whenever anyone has surgery they become hyperaware of the particular part of the body where the surgery was performed. Let's face it, when you've made a change to your body that you've pondered for quite some time, you are going to monitor your progress, make sure the healing process is going as it should, and ultimately you have made a change to what you have always been accustomed to. It's you ... but new, and hopefully improved.

Careful of the info you gather from others post-op blogs and/or journals. While many are genuine, many are promotional with false accounts post surgery. Also, just because a supposed patient loves their results or hates their results from a particular surgeon take it with a grain of salt. Another thing to consider is the fact that I have seen individuals with subpar post-op results, and they sincerely were happy. One must take into account that the information is all relative to the writer's perspective. Compare before and afters as well, as perhaps what one may view as less than excellent results might be a true improvement from what once was.

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