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badnj 04-01-2010 07:10 PM

Dr Anil Shah rhinoplasty, bad reviews?
I first heard about Dr Anil Shah on a review site and someone had luck with him successfully reversing a bad rhinoplasty from another doctor. I decided to check into Dr Shah further and come to find that he trained under Toriumi. Now I have heard many bad reviews about Dr Toriumi and want to know if Dr Anil Shah falls into that same boat. There are many second hand accounts and friends of friends that talk about him but besides that one review I have not found many first hand accounts. I want to know if there are any bad reviews about Dr Shah?

Something else about him is that I am seeing a Dr Anil Shah in both Chicago and NYC. Both of them have the same background in Otolaryngology. Which one is the plastic surgeon that does rhinoplasty? Many thanks to all replies/reviews. I want to hear about Dr Shah.

Cass 04-08-2010 10:59 PM

I had a skype with shah and did not like him. He seemed very uninterested in my case -- maybe he was tired. Whatever. Crossed him off my list.

Anna 04-14-2010 11:29 PM

Dr Anil Shah currently has an office in Chicago but had previously lived in NYC and had a practice there that is why he would come up in both cities. I have been having may consultations in LA, NY and Chicago and until I finish up all my consults and make my choice I am not going to give my full reviews but I will say that Dr. Shah would be my #1 choice for a primary if I lived in the midwest. FYI after he finished his medical degree etc, he had fellowships with both Pastorek and Toriumi to learn their techniques and is well versed in all the techniques of the leading surgeons of the US...He is a smart guy and definitely seems to care about his patients more than his ego unlike many of the other surgeons I have seen. And on that note, for anyone considering Dr Kim in yourself a favor and cross him off your list, he was by far the worst I have met with so anyone has ever actually choosen to let him operate on their face is beyond my comprehension. More to come in @ 3 weeks:)

prodigiousflames 04-15-2010 01:30 AM

hi anna. thanks for the info on shah. About Dr. Kim in LA a girl had recommended him to me for a breast revision and he did an amazing job on them. The same girl who recommended him for a breast revision had her nose done wtih him and her results came out great along with a couple other patients who allowed me to see their photos. I don't think he is a bad doctor and his high volume of patients speaks for itself. But people are thrown off by his reserved demeanor during consults--really glad i didnt let that get to me.

Mr. Z 04-15-2010 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by Anna (Post 6123)
Dr. Shah would be my #1 choice for a primary if I lived in the midwest

What did you think of his revisions? That seems to be the problem most of us are facing. There are many more that can do primaries good than ones that can do revisions. Did you talk with Dr Shah in person or online?

Anna 04-16-2010 10:43 PM

I went in person to see Shah but I am having consults for primary so I suppose I cant really speak for his revisions. Although I did see some of his revision before and after pics in his office and they were very impressive improvements with natural looking results.
I've met in person with a bunch of highly regarded surgeons over the past month and Shah definitely stood out for a few reasons:
1. his education and fellowships (ie one fellowship with Pastorek - who is an amazing surgeon and only chooses 1 fellow per year and then Shah went on to have a second fellowship with Toriumi - Now in my opinion these are docs on 2 very different sides of the spectrum and both extremely well respected among the plastic surgeon community so I really appreciate that Shah worked with both these guys),
2. He was a great listener and during our extremely long consultation we talked at length about techniques and options...this I thought was interesting because so many of the doctors I have seen say there is only one right way to approach my surgery and they bash everyone else's techniques. Shah spoke more about options and the benefits and risks for each option, he even made various picture morphs for each option we discussed plus sent me all the pics after our consult (fyi free consult).
3. He didn't try to up sell and he actually told me a couple times that I should even consider not having any surgery at all since my nose is not a clear cut "need a rhino" case.
4. He showed me many pics and the before and afters were really good.
5. He was confident without being an egomaniac. He seems like a very down to earth logical guy, a science guy, very into the aesthetics. My boyfriend had joked after we went to the first few rhino consults and said, " when we meet a regular geeky doctor that loves his work and does art sculptures in his past time, then we've found a good plastic surgeon" ... well guess what Shaw does in his spare time...takes sculpting workshops!

I should mention however, that I am not choosing Shah as my surgeon and the above is only my review from meeting with him. But if I lived in Chicago or the midwest area, I would definitely choose Shah.

cleopatra 04-19-2010 12:25 PM

I just had surgery with Dr. Shah and obviously can't say if I'm happy or not quite yet. From what I can tell, the front view even with the cast on looks much better as my nose base isn't so flared out, even when swollen as it is. I can't wait to see what my dreaded hump looks like after he removes my splint.

I'm not a paid reviewer or whatever it is you are accusing him of. I came across his name on here and had to register and post my experience, since he is my Dr. and a very polite and professional one at that. Sucks to see him accused of something with no proof.

I had a consult with him and also the image consult and we went over many things on what I expected etc. He showed me many before and afters. He also shopped my own pictures to see what I would look like with a couple alternate tweeks, I was very worried about getting a scooped out upturned pig nose. I had two face to face meetings with him after I narrowed it down to him or Dr. Rizk in NY. Rizk is another amazing surgeon, but I just couldn't justify the cost and expense needed to stay in NY for at least a week. FWIW, he said the exact same things Shah did on what he would recommend. I'm glad I stayed home to do this because my recovery has been painful and don't see how I would've managed in NY by myself the first couple days.

All in all I'm very pleased how I have been treated as a patient. The surgical center he uses provided me with a free driver the day of surgery. That saved family from having to take off work. The surgical center and Shah have checked in on me and his assistants call me daily. I've seen what looks like teens coming out of his office with their parents with splints..his office was busy the couple times I was there. I don't know why there are not more reviews about him..he clearly has patients. It was disappointing not able to find information on him before I decided.

cleopatra 04-22-2010 05:20 AM

I had the splint off! Swollen but the bump is gone!!!!!!!!!

Tal 04-22-2010 12:51 PM

I had my primary done with Dr. Stoker. I actually really liked him, but I am not happy with the results at all. He fails to admit I have an inverted V deformity. If he does a revision for a low fee, I might go back to him, but I am scared he isnt skilled enough. I am just happy he wasn't too aggressive in the first approach, he still helped my retain my ethnic features. I still have hope to correct his mistake though. I met several other doctors and they all agree Dr. Stoker shaved my nose too much. They all agree that I need cartilage to augment my septum. Some surgeons suggest an osteomy? anyone had that?

I met with Dr. Keyes, but do not think he is skilled enough at revision. He was trying to sell me the whole time and I didnt like that. I met Dr. Daniels, and like him. His work seems to sell himself. I was also considering Dr. Shah because he seems gifted at ethnic noses. Dr. Nassif seems way WAY to aggressive. Although Daniels is expensive...i think he is the best for my case. I am still unsure...anyone have any other recs?

ChrisLee 07-31-2011 10:42 PM

I had my rhino/septoplasty with Dr. Shah last year. My friend had his done about a year prior to mine and the results were fantastic. For me however, the story did not end so well and I am still living in total frustration of what to do next.

To be fair... this was strictly "finesse rhinoplasty" and a septoplasty (basically to get insurance to pay for the bulk of it!). I had a very SLIGHT "bump" in my profile and just wanted to pare it down a bit and have an over all "sleeker" look to my nose. My nose before was "cute" and I was looking for something more mature and streamlined.

I had an open rhino, the procedure itself (i've been through more than my fair share!) was a piece of cake. Uncomfortable more so than utterly painful. Have your icepacks ready and pain meds as needed.

So, what do i like/dislike about my new nose?

Well for starters, it healed totally crooked. Before I had a slight bump. Now the bump really isnt there in the profile or oblique angle but from a "head shot " view my nose curves to the right . I went back to Dr. Shah several times, and was told it was just part of the healing process , it would go away blah blah blah. 10 mos later I was insistant that I needed further intervention. First, we tried to "file down" the bump on the right side of my nose. Didn't do a darm bit of difference. At this point I consulted w/ a Dr. Rodger Pielat (check the spelling on that one) and he agreed that I needed a Rhino Revision. I was horrified. They both chalked it up to "sometimes this happens".

So a few months LATER...i had ANOTHER procedure to rebreak my nose and attempt to straighten it out again. It is an improvement, but I don't love it. I am very particular about my looks down to every detail. I like the work he did on the tip of my nose, but it's not in harmony with the bridge. My advice, do your homework. Have multiple , MULTPLE consults w' different drs. I was confident in doing this procedure bc my friend had a great experience. I have also had breast aug and went with my "gut feeling" on the first doc and it was wonderful. I just assumed I would have another great experience.

At this point IDK what to do... my nose is "doable" now. But I wouldn't have paid thousands of dollars to have a different problem than I had before. I was just looking for a LITTLE improvement, which I did get but coupled w/ additional issues that were not present previously. If anyone is interested in seeing , send me a PM.

Last but not least, I now live on the east coast. I am right between Baltimore and Philly. (Someday) I would like to get yet another opinion on my "revision" (which was more like a mini revision...I was awake for the procedure ....and no it was NOT fun). Does anyone know of a GOOD rhino revision surgeon in either area ? I would like someone that only does faces/noses.

Thanks to all and good luck to everyone!!!


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