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hatemynose 02-07-2010 11:48 AM

Dr Robert Glasgold or Dr. Mazzara (NJ)
Anyone use these doctors or know of someone who did? I am looking into both of them. I am in the Northern NJ area.

patience 02-09-2010 05:47 AM

I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Robert Glasgold in January. This was actually my second revision and the surgery was very complicated. Although I do not see the final outcome of my nose yet, I can see that he addressed the changes that we discussed prior surgery. Since this was a revision and it is only a few weeks after surgery, there is still a lot of swelling. First, I want to warn against going to Dr. Ehrlich or Dr. Jacono, I went to both of them for rhinoplasty and was very disappointed. So far I recommed Dr. Glasgold because he spent a lot of time with me during my two consultations, did not rush me like other doctors had, my mother and I both felt that he really cared about what I wanted to change and about my happiness, and also during the consultations he really looked at my nose and manipulated it with his fingers to see what could be done. In addition, I believe that Glasgold's prices are very affordable, especially compared to Dr. Jacono. Glasgold's office and nurses are also all very friendly and helpful, they fully prepared me for what to avoid and do before surgery etc. If you have any more questions about Dr. Glasgold, please feel free to ask me.

singasong 04-22-2010 03:53 PM

I'm anxious to me know if you're happy with Dr. Robert Glasgold and your results...
I'm confused with all these recommendations of people who haven't even seen or been operated on by these surgeons.

robyne00 04-25-2010 10:19 AM

Glasgold is fairly good for primary rhinoplasty, but I would not consider him for secondary rhinoplasty or revision. He uses a cookie cutter approach most times, which I personally do not care for as "one nose does not fit all". I have seen some of his ethnic rhinoplasty work and I was not impressed. He is a bit too aggressive with ethnic rhinos and applies his cookie cutter mentality to many ethnic procedures. The final post-op result for ethnic PS is undesirable, as the patient ends up with a Caucasian looking feature that does not suit the rest of the face.

Mazzara was originally an otolaryngologist who furthered his education and became a surgeon. He is most popular for injectables. Mazzarra is very into creating a spa-like experience for his patients. Unfortunately, his work is subpar.

Out of the two, I prefer Glasgold, which really is not saying much. If I were you, I'd keep looking.

Why not post some pics, and get the opinions of forum members? What do you perceive as being wrong with your nose? Are you looking for an ethnic rhinoplasty?

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