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kltrisha 01-30-2010 12:56 AM

Dr John Vartanian reviews?
Take a look at this before and after pic and tell me what you think. Dr John Vartanian is a Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon or at least that's what he says he is. His offices are in Glendale and Beverly Hills. His site says he does rhino and face surgery but I don't know anything about him other then what I saw on his website.

I attached a picture of a surgery he did that is like my nose. See how the tip is fat on the sides and bottom? My nose is just like this one. It has been somehting I have wanted to get fixed for along time, not happy to be born with this type of nose. I am considering Dr Vartanian and five others. The only reason I am talking about Dr Vartanian is because of these pictures he had up. I saw on this forum about fake posters and want to make it clear I have nothing to do with this doctor. I only want to get reviews of him.

The other piece of info I want is the age of Dr Vartanian. His bio sounds impressive but there is no mention of when he graduated or how old he is. The pic of him looks young and my suspicion is that he hasn't been a plastic surgeon very long.

Any and all reviews of Dr John Vartanian are greatly appreciated. I know how much rhinoplasty costs and I don't want to overpay for a bad doctor.

NOTE BY ADMIN 5-10-2010: The previously attached photo has been removed at the request of Dr. Vartanian on the basis of copyright. He also wishes to emphasis that this poster is not a patient of his practice; this poster was only seeking reviews of Dr. Vartanian because they were "not happy" with their nose and is/was considering rhinoplasty with Dr. Vartanian.

robyne00 01-30-2010 07:02 PM

First off, you should post YOUR pics, for an honest assessment.

Vartanian is young and claims to be an expert at many, many procedures (red flag IMHO).

Yes, fake posters and promoters with personal agendas are rampant, more now than ever. :(

AlmostLisa 04-27-2011 05:37 PM

Dr. Vartanian
After looking around quite a bit, I've set up a consult with Dr. Vartanian myself. I'm having a really difficult time finding someone who is board certified (on the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgeons) AND their gallery suits my taste AND they seem to be attainable financially for me.

This is much harder than I thought--I figure docs are going to put up their very best work in their galleries, and I have to say, some of the stuff out there really frightens me. I cancelled an appointment with a doc today after taking another look at their gallery and realizing that I could end up looking like one of the characters from The Never Ending Story (I'll take my Roman beak over that any day!). After researching docs in my area (San Diego), I'm having to expand my search. Vartanian and Grigoryants (board certified, though not on facial board from what I see) have lovely (in my opinion) rhinoplasty results in their galleries. Expanding my search to L.A.

Kickingnscreaming 05-05-2011 04:46 PM

I know this is a late reply and no one will probably see it, but come on, so now younger doctors are considered incompetent? The best doctors are those who have been out of school for over five years. I personally wouldn't go to a doctor who has been practicing for a couple of decades. These older docs tend to get set in their ways, and don't offer the latest innovations in healthcare. And as a childhood friend of Dr Vartanian's, I can promise you he's not as young as he looks, and he graduated med school well over five years ago.

AlmostLisa 05-05-2011 05:38 PM

Yes, I definitely want a surgeon with a good deal of procedures under his belt, but I don't subscribe to the theory that young is a bad thing for a medical provider. I think you can build an argument that goes either way (Is the young doctor not experienced enough? Does the older doctor embrace the new techniques and is he/she keeping educated?)

There are incompetent well-seasoned surgeons out there, just as there is brilliance straight out of residency, and my hunch is that age doesn't have a thing to do with it. I think its important for us to evaluate each doc on their individual merits, experiences and accomplishments and find who is a right fit for each of us....personally.

I had breast cancer and a mastectomy in the past, and for almost 20 years I was told that I couldn't be reconstructed by the veteran docs. Enter a fresh-scrubbed young surgeon, new to private practice. He worked wonders and did what all the other docs said wasn't possible. I'm so glad I didn't let his age taint my decision to move forward. I couldn't be happier with the results.

I've done a little research on Vartanian.....I've reviewed his before and after photos, spoken with his staff, asked about his pricing, checked his medical license and board certification---so far, so good! I have to say, I'm genuinely looking forward to my upcoming consultation him.

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