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sharkat19 04-27-2013 04:18 AM

Gynecomastia - Post OP question
Hi all,

Just had my gynecomastia (male breast reduction) surgery exactly 8 days ago. The surgery basically was all liposuction. Still can't believe I went through with it :haha:, but it's a long time comin!

First couple of days were fine, no swelling at all, then I made a mistake of carrying my bag at the airport, then I saw some swelling. Swelling is minor, not sure if carrying my bag had anything to do with it, but swelling is expected in this surgery.

Now my question is about compression garments. The garment that the doctor gave me is one of these, which goes exactly to half my upper body.[ekm].jpg

Now this garment, especially when you sit down, because of the inside lining of the zipper and hooks, the lining folds, and certain areas of my chest are now untouched by the garment and its not compressing it at all.

I have one bad boy garment that I used to wear before under my shirts to hide my condition, like this:[2].jpg

It is tighter that the one the doctor gave me, in fact it's MUCH more tighter. It bothers me around the abs, because it's basically crushing my stomach.

My question is: Which should I go with? The one the doctor gave me which I think is not doing a great job (but what do I know?), or the tight as hell garment (does not affect my breathing or circulation)?

I'm thinking of wearing the tight one during the day, and the doctor garment during my sleep.

Am I thinking too much of this? I'm going to wear this for 3 more weeks like the doc said.

Also, I exercise at the gym with 30 minutes of cardio, and then an hour of muscle workouts, chest, back, arms, the whole lot, when do you I think should get back to weights?

The reason I'm asking here, is because I left work, got on a plane, did my surgery, rested for a day, then came back. So I cant get in touch with my doctor.

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