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king125 08-13-2012 03:29 AM

What are the different sex toys that commonly found at market?
Please suggest me the sex toys that we can easily find from market. From where can I get most of the sex toys?

king125 10-01-2012 04:32 AM

Sex if u have plastic surgery on ur vagina and turn it into a penis?
Hi friends,
Can you still have sex if u have plastic surgery on ur vagina and turn it into a penis? I would prefer a plastic surgeons answer ?

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king125 10-23-2012 06:22 AM

Can you trust online to buy adult sex toys from an online adult sex toy store??
I am looking to purchase a rabbit vibrator sex toy discreetly and reasonably priced. I heard some can cost almost $100. Ouch! I know there are thousands of adult toy sites. I want a company who is free from viruses, pop up, and most importantly can ship the adult sex toys discreetly with a great selection. I need an adult toy store leader? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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king125 10-31-2012 04:28 AM

Are there any shops that sell adult toys and lingerie in Miami, FL?
Does any one know of a sex shop in Miami, FL? Any suggestions…

aydanvern 05-03-2013 04:09 AM

Liposuction also known as lipoplasty or liposculpture is the most popular surgical cosmetic procedure performed today. The procedure removes unwanted fat from the body, contouring the body into a more aesthetically appealing shape. It can be used throughout the body from the chin and neck down to the thighs and calves. If you want to rid your body of excess fat resistant to diet and exercise, liposuction may be the answer for you.


avinashrupesh 05-06-2013 01:49 AM

liposuction at some point in their lives, there are a portion that face a very common problem. If you have had this procedure done in the past, you may wonder how this could have an effect on you during pregnancy. As the body is sure to change quite dramatically during pregnancy, many women wonder what will happen to the results of their liposuction if they get pregnant afterward. Fortunately there is really nothing to worry about. Having a baby after having a liposuction procedure is quite common and does not carry with it any risks at all.

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