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Teganoid 07-13-2011 09:44 AM

Arm lift vs Lipo? Need help!
I went to a few doctors to decide who would be my best choice for surgery. I ended up going to the same doctor that did my tummy tuck.

I originally went in to inquire aboyt getting a brachioplasty. The doctor said that I did not have quite enough loose skin for that procedure, so we settled on lipo with the high possibility of a revision due to most of my loose skin being closer to my armpits.

I was told by both doctors in the office and a couple of nurses (at various times during recovery) that I would need to get a revision on that particular spot on both arms.

The revision - which I was told by these doctors and nurses - would just be to remove that excess skin. I was also told that they would probably be able to schedule it about 2 months after my lipo.

I went to the doctor today and now all of the sudden their story has changed. Supposedly, now the revision would only be to do more lipo NOT just to remove the excess skin. AND that would require doing a full brachioplasty!!!*

I originally went in there for a brachioplasty! Now I am very upset and in tears because I spent all this money for nothing, because now they say I need a full brachioplasty & it's too soon to dot it & they will be charging me the full amount for it!
They told me that they would have me ready by September (because I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding & it's a strapless dress) and even though that's not the only reason I wanted the surgery it's very upsetting.

Is there something I should do? Should I talk to someone about this? Is there ANYTHING I can do about it?


Amy W. 07-17-2011 05:24 PM

Do you have some papers to prove what you're saying? Did you sign any papers?

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