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crrogers22 09-22-2011 07:42 PM

Had Artefill injected now can't use anything else?
Approximately 7 years ago, when I was 21, I had artefill injected into my nasolabial folds. Last January, I had a cheek augmentation and microliposuction done by Francis Palmer in Los Angeles. Although he stated that the microliposuction would lessen my nasolabial folds, he also wanted to inject 3 syringes of Juvaderm. After the surgery, he asked me if I had previously had artefill. When I asked why, he stated that he had to remove a small amount during my surgery.

Before the surgery, I decide that I wanted to let the cheek implants heel before I had any injectables. Although the surgery was very, very succesful and did lessen the nl folds, I decided last month that I wanted to also receive the fillers. Not wanting to fly to Los Angeles, I decided I would pay a local dermatologist to inject the filler. Being a doctor myself, I could tell she wasn't the most competent doctor (e.g., I witnessed her tell a patient before a fat grafting that she needed someone to drive her home to which the patient told the doctor that nobody had informed her of this beforehand, etc.)

Anyway, everytime she stuck the needle in the nl fold, the needle would bend. She said it was because of the artefill and possibly scar tissue from the cheek augmentation. She then suggested I wait 2 months and let her do fat grafting to the area. Her rationale was that the grafts are injected at a different plane and, therefore, she should have no trouble with the procedure. When I arrived at her office two months later, she acted like she may not be able to do the procedure bc of the artefill. To make a long story short, everytime she tried to inject the fat, the needle would again break.

After seeing her, I called Dr. Palmer's office and spoke to him. He acted shocked and told me to fly out to L.A. and he could almost definitely inject the juvederm. He went on to say that he has seen >1000 people who had artefill in their nl folds and he was able to inject the juvedermwith no problem in each of these ppl. . I was hesitant to book the flight out there because

1 - the other doctor in El Paso, TX, was so vehement that the filler and fat could not be injected and
2 - Dr Palmer is $1000/syringe of juvederm whereas she was $400/syringe.

Anyway, has anybody ever heard of someone not being able to get a filler after artefill? Furthermore, why the disagreement between the dermatologist in El Paso and the cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles?

crrogers22 09-23-2011 12:34 PM

To follow up, I searched the internet and cannot find anybody who says you can't inject a semipermanent filler after Artefill. Anybody?

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