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pattyL 03-19-2008 05:22 PM

Migration of Juvederm and other fillers...
I am curious to how much juvederm and other fillers can migrate once injected into your face. I know when I get juvederm 30 HV injected into my cheeks that the PS squeezes it a bit to move it around and smooth it out. How long can u do this for? My friend foolishly got some in her upper eyelid to try to make it symmetrical with her other brow and it is still there and is a bit droopy like it migrated or sagged down. Her PS told her to massage it and this is after like 8 months. I know that juvederm absorbs water so maybe when you massage it, you are really just moving around the water portion of it and the juverderm stays where it is. I am curious at what point that evening massage that the PS does when injected stop working. I know another friend who got her jowls injected and it was kinda lumpy and i am not sure if she massaged it or if it would help. I do think I notice on myself that since I have continuously had juvederm injected in my face that it has fallen a little bit and I do try to massage it up and press really hard on it. I notice some difference but as I said, I am not sure it is me just really playing with fluids in my face.

la_angel 03-23-2008 02:21 AM

why did her p.s. tell her to massage the juvederm after 8 months by then it should be gone! :uh oh:

i think (at least i know with radiance) you have to do it within the first day or two. my doctor told me to do it in a warm shower that night. have you heard of this i don't get why it would have to be done in a shower and a warm one or why that would make any difference. but yeah as far as i know you need to mush and mash the juvederm where you want it within 24 hours or so. i highly doubt it's possible to move it around in your face months or even weeks after it's injected. that cracks me up that a doctor told her to do it 8 months later that's longer than what juvederm is supposed to last that p.s. obviously is off in the deep end. :haha:

VICKI72 11-20-2012 06:57 PM

Juviderm can last a year
Just a note to the responses, Juviderm can actually last 8 months. Ive had it under my eyes for over a year and it is VERY slowly going away. I know it's been over a year because it lumped up and I hate it and I want it gone and Ive been counting the months. You cannot move it at 8 months though as far as my PS told me. But you can get it dissolved with an "antidote" of hyaluronic acid and the PS can do it if you dont like it. Its pretty expensive though which is why I have not gotten mine removed.

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