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UtahSusan 03-12-2008 07:46 PM

One of a kind permanent filler!!
I just finished healing from Dr. Brent Moelleken's live fill procedure that doesn't inject fat to your face, but grafts your own fat in an even way and it is permanent. At first I was swollen and I thought I had too much fat put in my face but he actually didn't even over correct cause it is permanent unlike fat injections. Also, I had tried injections but it definitely wasn't as even as this. I had hollow cheeks from aging and he filled out the entire area with this technique and it made my face look glowing again like it was when I was younger. After I went through a divorce and some other stressful family issues I think I aged a lot. Anyway, this technique I first saw on the show Extreme Makeover and was skeptical but I flew in to los angeles for a consult to see if I was a good candidate. Dr. Moelleken is the only one who does this I think and he patented it. I don't think anything else can replace this technique as implants don't add that soft fatty glowy look to your skin and fillers are not as good they don't fill out the area permanently or as even. Check this out. Here is some information I copied:

Dr. Moelleken has developed and trademarked LiveFill™. This is a new technique that expands on decades of research in the Plastic Surgery field. It involves grafts from the patient's own tissues that are fully alive. The material is obtained as a customized fine graft with blood vessels already in it. This differs fundamentally from fat injection, which involves sucking (aspirating) fat into a syringe, purifying it in some fashion (usually be centrifugation), and then injecting it through a needle. It is no surprise that this process is highly damaging to a living network of cells. With LiveFill™, and Dr. Moelleken fashions tissue from the patient into small, delicate grafts, resembling strings of pearls, that have structural integrity and blood supply. They are different from any rendition of grafted material developed thus far. The face does not age in lines; it ages in areas. Therefore, he feels it is better to fill in complete areas rather than placing something underneath a single line. LiveFill™ is placed underneath the areas that need filling, such as lips, smile lines, under eye areas, and in hollow areas in the face that come with age. LiveFill™ is usually taken from an incision in the lower abdomen.

Dr. Moelleken has been developing LiveFill™ for over five years, and it has become a regular part of his practice. Once LiveFill™ has been placed, it again becomes an integral part of the body's tissue and the results are permanent. When a biopsy is taken of LiveFill™, it appears to be normal tissue, with its own blood supply. This is not true of any filler, temporary, or of fat injection. The genetic markers of LiveFill™ are identical to the patient's, since the tissue comes from the patient's own body. There is never rejection of one's own tissues. It is possible that minor irregularities can result from the LiveFill™ technique. If this happens, they are corrected under local anesthesia.

Healing time is very rapid, since no over-correction is necessary, as with fat injection. Patients typically only require a long weekend to recover. They may begin exercise in two weeks and full exercise and workouts by six weeks.

Dr. Moelleken is very excited about this and proud to have originated this very promising procedure.

Dr. Moelleken now frequently incorporates LiveFill™ while performing facelifts (including his trademarked 360 Facelift™) blepharoplasties, browlifts, or his signature superficial cheeklift operation.

Note By Admin: This posting looks suspicious and might be promotional.

scissorsister 03-13-2008 02:12 PM

but to me this livefill sounds like just a glorified name for fat grafts. that is all he's grafting is fat right? what is the different between livefill and a fat graft that is so special? the bad thing i don't like about fat grafts is you don't ever know how much fat will stay and everything i've heard on them people say they are a waste of money because most of the fat ends up being reabsorbed by the bod.

Also how does he insert this Livefill. Does he need to make cuts on your face or is it injected?

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