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susanb 08-30-2010 02:09 PM

Restylane Scarring - going on 4 Years
I had restylane injected into my nasiofolds 4 years ago and have developed permanent scarring. I have not had any restylane since then. The three doctors I've seen, say it is very rare. Two had never seen this before. This is not granulated scarring. It is as though the restylane has turned into scar tissue itself and is becoming more noticeable with time. It can be felt when placing fingers on the inside and outide of my mouth simutaneously...and the area of scarring is noticeably thicker. As I get older it is becoming more prominent as my skin is thinning and loss of elasticity. I am 48 yrs old.
I have been told it cannot be removed. It is quite noticeable and something I deal with everyday. Non-ablative laser was performed in the area which did nothing. My doctor is now suggesting the 2940 fractional laser to tighten the skin...making it less noticeable. I do not think it will help...and to be honest too nervous to try it, for fear of scarring.
I had collagen before the restylane with no scarring and think that if I had a very, very minut amount of collagen injected at the seams / edges of the scarring - that this will soften the lines - but I need someone who is very good with injectables...or even better, someone who has seen and worked on this particular issue before.
I feel the collagen will not dissipate as quickly as with most patients...even with such a small amount.
Has anyone heard of this before? If so, are there any other solutions out there?

robyne00 09-12-2010 09:24 AM

I have heard of minimal scarring, but nothing to this degree.

The fractional laser might help, but every situation is individually dependent.

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