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muwe 02-06-2008 07:01 PM

anyone use restylane to fill in acne pot mark scars?
I have a few on my face from when I was a teen and my derm said something about using restylane to fill them up as a possibility. Has anyone heard this or better yet done it? It's sounds expensive though because I only have a few scars to fill but I'd still have to pay for a whole syringe of the stuff and he says it only lasts 6 months, not sure if $1000 a year is worth it?

jujubu 02-24-2008 09:03 PM

I think it is the only way really to fill in pock marks. Acid peals can help even out skin surface a lot too but it will not solve deep pock marks. It sucks but sometimes the only solution isn't always great. But using juvederm or restylane to fill in like a pock mark or two would not cost nearly as much as you're saying. I have just like one little one that I got from chicken pox when I was little and now that I am getting older and my skin is maturing, it is more noticeable. Like noone had ever noticed it and the other month a friend said "what's that on your face" and this confirmed that I had been thinking it was more noticeable now. I haven't injected it yet, BUT I am hoping that they don't have to over correct so that my pock mark looks like a bump. I am going to a couple of surgeons first to see who seems like they have done this the most.

bluesky 02-25-2008 06:37 PM

I've heard this works good but yeah it does cost a lot after a while. Supposedly Brad Pitt had something injected in his pot marks at the Lasky clinic before he got big. Back then though all these injectable fillers weren't around so I bet he just did straight up liquid silicone.

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