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juniper 02-21-2008 11:23 AM

How much hair loss from an endoscopic brow lift?
Hello I have receding hairline along the temples along with thin, very fine hair. I would like to have a browlift but how much hair loss should I expect from an endoscopic procedure? From what I understand endoscopic brow lifts involve small incisions that are one inch long - four to six of them - behind your hairline. Being that I don't have the best hair to begin with I definitely don't want to make it worse or do anything that would be visible since I don't have the hair to cover it. I've heard that when they do incisions above the eyebrows it usually results in scars that are really noticeable.


joan7 02-23-2008 12:03 AM

You may very well have no hair loss at all. Absolutely you do want incisions directly above your eyebrows as the scars will be noticeable. This will even worsen with age if you currently have color in your hair and in a decade or two you may elect for it to be a naturally white or grey. You also may lose hair on the eyebrows as you age too. The main danger with hair loss with an endoscopic brow lift is bald spots where staples are used to close the incisions. I believe the closure method is the most important. In my opinion staples should be avoided with any surgery as they always leave scars and damage the surrounding tissue too much. Opt for stitches or sutures if at all possible, especially if you may have a receding hair line down the road. you don't want those scars to suddenly become visible when your hair no longer covers them. Bring a list of questions with you to your plastic surgeon and he should be able to answer them all thoroughly for whichever methods he uses.

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