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FeelingLow 07-29-2009 09:53 PM

Needing advice to raise funds for breast reduction
I am nearly 25 years old, and desperately need a breast reduction. I am a 32DD on a small frame. I live in pain every day. I am unable to do certain tasks, including exercise, because of the pain and burden of macromastia.
When I had insurance under my mother, I spoke with my primary care physician, gynecologist, and two plastic surgeons. They all agreed that my condition was medical. They helped me present my case to the insurance company via letters. Unfortunately, the insurance company decided nothing and instead let my insurance expire. That was last summer.

Despite being a college grad, I have no job and no insurance. I realize my worthlessness, especially in the realm of health care. This condition has damaged my physical, mental, and social health. I am extremely depressed and have suicidal thoughts. Is there any way that I can raise my own funds for a breast reduction, even during an economic recession? :(

marquip 08-01-2009 04:00 PM

Please don't feel down. Seriously, you are lucky. And let me tell you why:

1) This is a fixable condition. SOOO many people have physical abnormalities that cannot be fixed. For example I have a nose that was deformed in an accident and have had four surgeries and it cannot be fix. My only option is to get an artificial nose. Your problem is very easy to fix once you're able to get it done. So please, I wish I had a problem like that which could definitely and easily be fixed with surgery.

2) You are 25. Even if you don't get it done this month or this year you will be around a long time. You have a long life ahead of you. Yeah it sux to have to wait and get it done in the future but at least once you are able to do it you can definitely get it done easily. You'll then have you'll whole life ahead of you without this problem.

Breast reduction is not that complicated of a procedure. I'd recommend maybe using a loan or credit to pay for it. There are plenty of sites online that should be able to help you find something at least half way reasonable. I wouldn't guess this would cost more than 5to 7k and find a surgeon you can negotiate the price with too since you're paying out of pocket and not through insurance.

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