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Dalilah 07-22-2009 03:17 PM

More people should consider getting a neck lift
I see so many people getting everything else nipped and tucked but what about their neck? If you notice that is usually one of the tell tale signs of someones age. They get their face lifted, botox, their lips injected, rhino, and everything else under the sun but they leave their neck how it is. Why is that?

I'm surprised this procedure isn't more common than it is.

botched 01-31-2010 12:59 PM

A "full facelift" does include the neck.

Hate to say this, but I think more people should be checking into what can go very wrong with face and neck lifts. Have you seen this lady whose face and neck look much worse after surgery?

robyne00 01-31-2010 06:32 PM

Hey botched,

What is your connection to Lucille? That is all you are posting about. Just curious.

robyne00 03-04-2010 08:40 AM

alexjoan's post lacks insight and is a mere advertisment. Bringing back an old thread for advertisement purposes.

la_angel 03-04-2010 03:58 PM

I don't think alexoan will be joining us on this forum again :)

robyne00 03-04-2010 04:34 PM

I am so sick of people promoting, "members" with agendas, advertising, docs masquerading ... it really depreciates from the forum.

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