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Shoe 08-30-2009 11:26 PM

One Eye Bigger, Eyebrows Uneven
So this is something that always bothered me for a while. One of my eyes is bigger than the other, and the eyebrow actually slants up, while the other one is level. I used to think when I was younger that maybe my glasses were always crooked but now I know better.

Here are pictures.

I've seen a lot of questions about similar problems on the Internet, and most people reply simply that no one is symmetrical and that the person is probably just making a bigger deal than it really is. However, I think my pictures show that it is truly noticeable. The angle is not making it look worse... Nor is it the fact I blurred off the rest of the pictures. In fact, the problem looks even worse in the unedited picture.

I was just curious if this is something that plastic surgery can fix with minimal risk, and what kind of money it's going to take.

Thanks for any help.

versace 08-31-2009 01:18 AM

It appears that your left eyelid has more of a "hood" than your right eyelid.

In a blepharoplasty operation, the surgeon would probably prefer to make the "hooded" eye more open, rather than make the more open eye hooded. This is because it is typically easier to take away than to add.

That being said, I would find a plastic surgeon eye specialist to see if he or she can make one eye similar to the other. Indeed you will need a talented surgeon who specializes in eye lifts to do this, but the good part is that it appears the problem is fairly straightforward and can be improved.

la_angel 09-01-2009 11:47 AM

Have you been evaluated for any muscle damage on your face? To me it looks like maybe there is a muscle on the left side that is paralyzed or something. There's so many muscles in our face you can have one paralyzed and not know it. I have one that is damage in my face and it's not something I notice unless I look in the mirror real closely and see how cheeks bunch up when I smile.

Dr_D 09-02-2009 02:13 PM

Do a search on this plastic surgery forum for an upper eyelid blepharoplasty expert. That is what I would do.

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