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vangold 04-27-2011 04:56 PM

Blepharoplasty Gone Bad (Horror Story)
Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can offer some reassuring advice. I'm 36 and had lower eyelid surgery last November for mild to moderately puffy lids. At the time I ask my surgeon if I could expect good and reasonable results and he assured me I would see very good results because of my age and the simplicity of my case. It is now 6 months after the surgery and my puffiness has turned into full blown raccoon looking bags. Before the surgery I had a bit of puffiness/bags toward the inner part of my eye. Now I have full semi-circle bags. When he performed the surgery he said he removed a moderate amount of fat. What has gone wrong? I look awful and am so self conscious about it. I feel like not only have I wasted money on something that didnt work but I have actually spent money on making myself look much much worse. People are always commenting on how "tired" I look and I know why! I have literally aged 10 years since having it done. When I had my post 2 month check up I expressed how unhappy I was with the results and he responded with you have nothing to worry about you "look pretty" and that I really needed to give it 6 months for all swelling to go away - its now going on 7 months. Besides which he said there wasn't really anything he could do. And this is supposed to be a reputable and well respected surgeon. Now I dont know what to do. I'm so afraid to have it redone in case it ends up even worse but I can't live with them the way they are.

Does anybody have any advice or have you experienced this before?


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