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Josef 03-23-2011 04:37 PM

Madonna Eye Lid Lift
I was looking at a local newspaper and saw a dermatologist advertising a "Madonna Eye Lid Lift". I had no idea what it was but thought it was interesting that the derm had the cojones to associate a procedure without Madonna's consent. I did some research and I think it emanated from bloggers speculating that Madonna had a fractional eye lift procedure. I know she has played up her large dramatic eyes throughout her career and it makes sense that she would choose to do a fractional treatment instead of a blepharoplasty, especially to her lower lids. A good friend of mine (mid 50's) had her upper lids done via a traditional blepharoplasty but decided not to have her lower lids cut in fear of it changing her eye shape. Instead she opted to do fractional laser resurfacing and then used Restylane Fine Line at her tear troughs and a combo of Juvederm and Radiesse in throughout the cheek area. She looks great and I think it was wise decision not to have a lower lid bleph done. We are all born with uniquely shaped eyes and once we start cutting they only get smaller looking.

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