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akswenso 02-21-2011 03:04 PM

questions for those who've undergone surgery
Hi, I am looking for some help on a paper that I have to write for my Gender and Communication class that I am taking during my senior year of college.

My topic is aesthetic plastic surgery, and I need to interview someone who has had a procedure that fits into this category. This means that the surgery is not one that was truly physically necessary (in other words, your surgery was not done for health reasons).

I am specifically interested in women who identify as feminists who have undergone these types of surgery.

Questions for you:

Do you identify as a feminist, and how so?
Why did you decide to have surgery?
What did you have done?
How has it effected your life?
Looking back, are you glad you had the surgery?

Or, if you'd like to do an e-mail interview, we could do that too. I really appreciate any response you're willing to give. It would be a great help!

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