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elizaw24 11-27-2010 03:18 PM

Blepharoplasty coming "undone" - what to do?
I had an blepharoplasty procedure done about seven years ago. At the time, I ended up having two procedures done because the results of the first came 'undone' just weeks after surgery. The results of the second were supposed to be permanent, but in the past few months one crease has come undone - this eye now looks droopy and does *not* match the other.

It was made clear that this was supposed to be a permanent procedure, and this is not the result of aging. I haven't been doing anything unusual to stretch out my lids apart from routine eye makeup application.

Would it be possible to lodge a complaint against my surgeon? He's still practicing, has a website, and it looks like he's gotten very successful in spite of his mediocre work. I look quite odd now, as my eyes are very asymmetrical. It's been making me very self-conscious and I've been unable to correct this with make-up.

I can't afford to get this fixed right now, and a second "corrective" procedure should not have been necessary for this. Could anyone offer advice on what I should do?

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