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vajratlr 01-28-2010 05:55 PM

Eye bag removal surgery, Dr. Oyama in Santa Monica any good???

My wife is about to get her eye bags removed and she's decided to go with Dr. Mark Oyama. I can't find much about Dr. Oyama on the internet. Anyone know anything about him? He's not a certified member from the American Board of plastic surgery. should I be concerned? According to Oyama, this is a simple procedure that cuts inside the eyes so no scars will be visible. but I've heard too many horror stories thus, I rather be diligent.

any input is great appreciated!


robyne00 01-28-2010 07:22 PM

Personally, I do not think Oyama is her best bet.

tlane 02-23-2010 03:15 PM

Stay away from Oyama
I personally had the worst experience with Dr. Oyama. Was fooled by his cheaper prices and lies. I've had two surgeries from him (eyes & breast) and know two other women who had their breasts done by him. I'm still looking for another doctor to do the revision surgery for me. They're much more pricey and horrifying.

All surgeries required painful revisions and eventually I gave up trying to work something out with him. When I went back to the office with problems, they acted like none of the problem was their fault. He was extremely rude and unprofessional. I believe the assistant doesn't even have medical background but keeps giving medical advice. I know several women who's had problems with him, one who was pursuing legal actions but not sure how that turned out.

In short, I highly recommend you to stay away from this doctor. Trust me, I wish I had listened or at least posted on a board like this before I went through the nightmare with him.

robyne00 02-25-2010 09:45 PM

I told the op to avoid Oyama at all costs. He is extremely aggressive in his approach. He specializes in too many surgeries, which is a PS red flag. No one can be an expert at every surgery. He also has very few before and after photos to share. I have also seen negative post-op results personally. I am not affiliated with Oyama in any way.

I also told the op that breast augmentation and eye surgery are verrry different. Post-op results of one do not reflect the other in any way. Also, there are no guarantees, as every case is individually dependent. Never rush into anything. Do not assume higher prices and swankier offices mean perfect results, nor should you assume that a low price is the quick and easy fix.

tlane, maybe you can post some pre and post-op pics, and let the forum members see your results. Sorry to hear of your negative experiences.

DJL 06-03-2011 10:06 AM

Dr mark M. Oyama at 321 N larchmont in LA CA 94004
hello there.. i was referred to Dr Oyama last week for a possible eye bag surgery... was talking to his assistant Haegan, sending her my pics and getting quote.. NEVER talked to Dr personally at all.... within few days... have another friend who speaks little broken english and wants to do the same.. so she called doctor or his assistant and connected... later on yesterday afternoon 6.2.2011 i received a personal email from doctor, he was very rude, impolite, unprofessional, seemingly discriminatory, and i guess he might have been drinking alot of martini's over lunch..... quoting him from his email to me>>>>>> " go and bother a chinese doctor or go to china for your needs"..........I am a American and dont' know why?? he is so rude.. even if my friend was asking for a discount on his fees.. that I think is normal and understandable.. since the economy is so bad and everything is tanked.... anyways... i have already reported this incident to the medical board of CA.. and just really want people or patients to know about this uncalled rudeness and really dr oyama ( whom I never spoke with) has been in school for years.. some basic patience , mannerism, or politeness towards patients or prospective patients really comes with his and this kind of medical i hereby rate dr Mark M. OYAMA a F-

thanks for listening..

david L

Notestome 03-06-2014 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by robyne00 (Post 4539)
Personally, I do not think Oyama is her best bet.

I came across this review on Dr. Oyama and I am shocked at the responses. I had my revision breast surgery with him and 5 years later I am so happy! Unless I say I have breast implants, people think they are real because of the way they look, feel and move. My first breast surgery was done several years ago by some hot shot celebrity doctor in Beverly Hills. It was the most painful experience ever. After all that suffering and months of swelling, I was not happy with my results. I know they are fake but COME ON!!!

Dr oyama is an amazing surgeon who is honest, stands by his work with integrity and gives his patients his best 100% of the time.

Tlane...sorry to hear about your experience but I can't imagine your story to be true, and can't help but wonder if you're not telling the whole story.

Robyne00... Your comments are completely false! I see how many responses you have written on the website...have you ever met Dr. Oyama? Do you know him personally? What merits do you have to make such statements?

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