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*bmx-life* 03-01-2008 08:55 PM

i'm 16 how do i talk to my parents about ear pinning?
hey whats up im hoping someone here can give me some advice. i'm 16 and have had big ears ever since i was little. i get a lot of teasing for it the usual one they call me is dumbo! not too original u would think the could come up with something better haha. anyway i want to do something about it. i was researching ear pinning or otoplasty as its called online and it sounds like its not that hard of a surgery and not that much. i'm sick of the ear jokes and being self conscience about it. now i only wear my hair long to cover it up which sux because i like short hair and the only reason i do wear it long is to try and cover up my ears. whats the best way of talking to your parents and getting them to agree for me to get this done? do u think they'll laugh at me for asking or take it serious? i'm in the midwest and people here do not do plastic surgery so me asking for it and only being 16 im sure their jaws will drop. is this the type of surgery i could get on spring break and then return to school a week later and no one will notice or will i have to wait until summer to do it?

thanx for your help i really appreciate it. this is embaressing so i just really want to fix it. not so i can look better or whatever i just want my ears normal like everyone else.

eric 03-02-2008 06:02 PM

Hey man I had the same thing growing up. Your story might as well be mine. I never did get the surgery. I grew up in Indiana and people just didn't get plastic surgery in the area I grew up, back then at least anyways. The big thing that made my ears stick out too much was yeah I had my hair short too, like a buzz cut most of the time because it was curly and I hated it. Anyway after high school I started wearing my hair in a longer styles where they cover the ear and it actually looked better. I'm not saying this works for everyone but just trowing it out there. Let's assume the worst and your parents won't let you get surgery is there any hair style that' longer, say 2 to 4 inches of hair, that might look good on you? you know the sucky part is when you're growing out youre hair from a buzz cut you will have an awkward stage where the length looks and feels like sh*t. but after it grows a bit more it look normal. i would say to talk to your parents in the most honest way as possible, just lay it out how it is, the truth of the situation, and see what they say. If not I would try the hair thing, or if they do let you get the surgery but not until summer you should try growing out the hair too until then. it's not so much that you need the hair to cover your ears, but when you have short hair, the only thing that sticks out on your head is the ears. when you have medium length hair that's shaggy, the hair sticks out too so it takes the attention away from your ears.

garyjoy80 03-11-2008 12:40 AM

You only live once so if you're young and your ears stick out, go ahead and get otoplasty for God's sake! The person above didn't address techniques to tell your parents. I suggest writing it down in a letter and putting everything you feel and be emotional about, which a letter makes that easier. You could even say if people make fun of you at school as no parents like that. In short, you are only young once, so be young and beautiful!


mrsdoubtfire 03-18-2008 06:00 PM

Sorry to hear that. Just remember we all have things during our awkward things during our teens that we grow out of. Every one of us. Have you spoken with your parents yet about it? My advice is just to be honest. I don't know what kind of relationship you have with your general doctor but maybe they could talk to your parents for you too. Having a doctor say it always helps.

eric 04-03-2008 11:44 AM

Hey does anyone know if this dude ever talked to his parents about his ears and got this thing resolved? I hope he was able to get otoplasty.

michell 07-25-2008 08:43 PM

U are 16 means you are just big enough to talk about any thing - it is just ear peicing.
look if you get shied or scraed of your parent on tehse silly stuffs - it will take you more far far away from tem one day - i mena like try and express your self on the through out and they wil help you.
It is beter to hear a yes or a no rather than keeping pain in mind.
It is also ok tio share your little pains here - w ewould love to tlk about taht to make you feel light.


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