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flyboy40 05-18-2010 03:23 PM

Should ears go inside or outside a hat?
OK I know this is a stupid question but how do you where a hat if you have big ears. Do I tuck the ears inside the baseball cap [they fold when I do] or do I leave them outside of the rim of the cap that makes them fold out a little more. Because my ears are big I do not want to highlight their size until I get them pinned back surgically!

robyne00 05-18-2010 06:31 PM

Common sense would say to tuck them in, if they're large. :)

flyboy40 05-18-2010 06:34 PM

OK but when I do that it makes them fold in the middle and it looks funny?

robyne00 05-18-2010 06:36 PM

Then you already know what works for you ... wear them outside I suppose. Which to me would look odd ... ;)

la_angel 05-21-2010 12:23 PM

I would go with whatever looks best. Why not post some photos, or if you want to stay private, you could ask some friends for their advice.

I guess it would depend on the size and shape of the ear. I guess I could see "inside" working for some people, but not others.

CambrieGreen 04-23-2012 05:21 AM

HI, definitely the ears goes out......

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