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bingo296 10-03-2012 12:21 AM

fat grafting after bucal fat removal
I wish you could help in my desperate situation.

I had buccal fat removal in 2007 and it left me a hollow face. The area around my mouth looks dented and I feel myself scary when looking into mirror. I am now 29, and I can foresee even greater fat loss in the coming years. I wish some procedures can help save this hollow face. After reading information of some fillers like Juvederm, I wish I could build my real fat with a more natural facial contour.

My worry is, would the scar tissue of buccal fat removal makes me unsuitable for fat grafting? Known from the Internet, if the fat fails to connect with the blood vessels, the fat cells may die and decay under skin, which may even damage skin and ooze out from pores. It is a very terrible picture. I understand that some fat will lose and only around 30% can be retained. But I am worrying if the surgery 5 years ago will make me impossible to have facial fat gra in cheeks.

I lost trust in the doctors in my region. The doctor never told me about this possible outcome, and he even said buccal fat removal would not leave dents but a smooth curve line. If I have fat grafting, I wish I could have it with your hands.

Thanks so much for reading my post and answering my questions.

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