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HarryLime 06-27-2012 04:40 PM

Advice on Jaw Augmentation
I'm looking into jaw augmentation--I have a consult next month--but I'm incredibly skeptical about the procedure and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts. I asked my surgeon about it (he's a pure face-and-neck guy, and did a terrific job on my rhinoplasty & mentoplasty), and he said he doesn't do them because they can be problematic. My complaint is partially that I'd like a bit more of a square-jawed look (though not too much of a widening), but also increased jawline definition. I have one of those jawlines that sort of flows unflatteringly into my neck, and I'd like to sharpen that up a bit.

I didn't attach pictures because I needed the space elsewhere.

And hey, I've thought about cheek implants, so comments welcome there, too.


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