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countrybumpkin 10-20-2011 06:59 AM

Were you extremely happy after your chin implant?
I was considering getting a chin implant and was wondering about those who have already gotten one. How do you feel with the result? Does it make your face look longer? Did you request something really small and it looks really good? does it look pointy or jut out too much on your face? does it make your face look better, more harmonious or is there really not much differenc to your face but your'e satisfied, maybe you hate it. Please let me know your personal experience i am seriuosly considering getting one.


scatter1 01-20-2012 11:04 PM

Hi CB!
I had a nose job and a chin implant 10 days ago. My surgeon (who is an ENT and one of the best in the city and a very talented painter/artist) chose my chin implant on the small side to keep everything looking feminine. Yes my chin could line up a bit more but my face would look longer. Now I think I'll have and "oval" face. Its still swollen but I think I'm going to like it and everything already seems more proportioned. I think the swelling will reveal a nice delicate looking chin.

My chin wasn't terrible but it'll enhance my nose :)

Btw, my incision is under my chin and he did in a way that it won't scar. He sews the tissue under the epidermis and lets the cut heal over it like a superficial one since it has no real depth. He just pulled the stitches out from one end.
And its still sore and stiff so I'm talking a little funny. The pain wasnt too bad though. Just a bit of aching that comes and goes. The first few days its a little hard to open your mouth fully and everything needs to be cut up in small pieces. Brushing your teeth isn't easy so an electric tooth brush is actually helpful. And I couldn't gargle because it hurt to put my head back and use those facial muscles. But if you need some lipo as well for more definition I'd imagine that recovery would be a bit more difficult.


alfalfa 01-25-2012 12:43 AM

the result of the surgery largely depend on how you define it to your surgeon. A good surgeon however, can most likely than not deliver good result if and only if you were so clear of the result you would like to achieve.

balim 01-27-2012 06:32 PM

They are not too big. They are intended to help perfect your profile. I am totally happy with mine and have seen positive change in the overall look of the face.

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