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rightguard 09-15-2011 08:37 AM

face shape question/help
I'm not sure this is the right section, or even the right forum for this type of question!

Some people always look very attractive to me based on their facial structure, although i'm not sure exactly what it is that gives them the look that I desire.

I *think* it's to do with their chin size/shape, or maybe the width/angle of the jawline?

Let me show you some pictures.
Look at these 2 pretty girls:

Uploaded with

The girl in the black and white pic is the look that I desire. What is that yellow line/contour that I have circled in yellow runs from next to the top of her lip, down to the bottom of her jaw? Why doesn't the blonde girl have that? Is it muscle? Bone? What is different about their faces that you can see hers but not the blonde girls?

And this guy has the same thing going on;

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I can get a similar look If I suck my cheeks in and smile. Why is that?
Its like these people have their cheeks stuck to their molars!

For years I thought it was simply a matter of facial fat, but now I think its more to do with the bone structure, im just not sure what it is in particular.

I have a look when I smile more like the following pics.

Uploaded with

You see how they both seem fleshier around the area of the corner of the lips? Like its NOT stuck tight to their mouth? I dont think its an issue of fat, because I've seen fattish people who still have that 'shape/contour' in the area. Besides, I wasn't happy with this aspect of my face when I was in fantastic shape and had a very visibile 6-pack

So , can you tell me what it is im attempting (badly) to explain?

I know it's a strange question, but id like to know the answer so I can get it clear in my head.

I *think* its something to do with having a large(ish) square chin? Although im not sure why that would give the appearance of having the bottom of the cheek being stuck tight to the bone/gum area.

Could also be to do with having a strong jawline? Although, again, i'm unsure of actually how it works?

Maybe its actually a very simple question. I find it hard to wrap my brain around things like this. How to visualise such things and understand the ''why's''. I've never been happy with how I look in that area, and have only just realised after nearly 30 years that I have quite a small/weak chin!

rightguard 02-04-2012 03:24 AM

no face experts here? lol

MGregg 10-10-2012 04:08 AM

Maybe dimples? Dimples come in different forms, shapes, sizes, depth, subtlety, etc. And they can affect how the face "folds" when a person with dimples smile. Also, it could be due to an angular face. In your sample photos of the two girls (the blonde and the brunette one), the blonde has a bit more fat in her face compared to the brunette, which is why the blonde doesn't have it and the brunette does. This has nothing to do with the actual weight of the person, but just the form of their face (the blonde one is Hayden Panettiere or something, from the TV Show Heroes, and she's not particularly fat).

Anyway, check out these photos below:

The first 2 photos are of Jennifer Garner. She's got really deep dimples and an angular face, which is why her "folds" (I also don't know what it's technically called) are pronounced. The 3rd photo is of Jennifer Aniston's. I don't think Aniston has dimples, but her face is a lot more angular than Garner's. Aniston's got a wider jawline, and the "fat" in her face is just around the cheekbones, while the lower part of her face looks to be all-skin. Aniston having a much more angular face than Garner, even though she lacks the dimples Garner has, is the reason why her "folds" are more pronounced. The 4th photo is of Kate Beckinsale's. She's still got an angular face, but less so compares to either Garner's or Aniston's, which is why her folds are more subtle.

Women normally don't have these "folds" because in general, women's faces are more meatier than men's (which is why when you touch a woman's face, it's soft, because of the cushion; when you touch a man's face, it's more "flat" because it's all skin). A lot of men have these "folds," women usually don't, unless they fall in the same category as Aniston, Garner and Beckinsale (and the brunette girl in original post) -- women who have angular faces.

Reha 06-05-2014 03:04 AM

Dimple makes you charming and cute

suysuy 06-23-2014 10:30 AM

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