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mongoos150 05-05-2011 02:04 PM

Chin Implant, Lipo + Necklift - young guy - first surgery
Hi All,
As the title states, I'm a young guy, slim / athletic in his 20s with an underdeveloped chin / "fat neck" which quite simply doesn't belong on my body! I've scheduled a surgery with a doc I've had 2 consultations with in Pasadena. He's great, I trust him.

I'm wondering what recovery will be like, any possible pain I might have, etc. Again, I'm having a medium-sized silicon chin implant placed (sutures, not screw), lipolysis (lipo laser) and a neck lift to raise/flatten my neck skin. I've never had surgery and am somewhat nervous, the surgeon is booking an anesthesiologist for 3 hours.

The procedure is scheduled for Friday morning. Will I be okay for work on Monday morning? Also, I'm not planning on wearing my neck band when I'm at work. Is this okay? I'm also hoping the result won't be so pronounced that people say "Woah, you got surgery." More along the lines of "you look different!"

Insight? Thanks everyone!

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