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sandy 04-06-2008 12:00 AM

Chin Implant Recommendations Anyone...?
Ive been thinking about this for a while but can someone tell me how much chin implants cost. Or better yet the average price of a chin implant? I'm looking at spending maybe 3 to 5 thousand. No more.

This is my ? I don't get how a chin implant can fix a recessed chin. Like my chin is recessed but a chin implant just bring the chin out right. How about that little area under the bottom lip and above the chin -- won't that still be recessed and even look more recessed with the chin brought out using a chin implant? Im not against plsatic surgery Im all about it I Just want to make sure it makes sense to do! I dont know anyone that has had a chin implant so I have nothing to see for myself.

Do anyone of you have any doctor recommendations for the best plastic surgeons in Texas? I'm in Dallas but would be fine with going to Austin or something if it's a top plastic surgeon that is within my price range.

versace 04-08-2008 02:17 PM

Well Sandy, chin implants when done properly bring out that area you mentioned between the chin and bottom lip slightly. If that area remains a problem to you injecting a filler there such as Juvederm is always an option. Personally I only feel comfortable recommending plastic surgeons I know instead of basing them off others reviews. Are you open to traveling at all for your chin implant surgery?

Fortunately for you, wherever and by whomever does your chin augmentation, there are plenty of competent plastic surgeons who can perform this procedure. Chin implants are one of the easiest procedures to do. That doesn't mean that every doctor is good at it, but it does mean that you're more likely to get a desirable result and higher satisfaction rate. There are literally hundreds of models and styles of chin implants on the market today. Certainly there is one that meets your needs. Have you checked out any of the plastic surgeons in your area to see which ones have experience with chin implants? Be sure to find before and after pictures of chin implants from the plastic surgeons you are thinking about. You want to make sure the doctor you choose does indeed have experience performing chin augmentation surgery.

Hairygoateeguy 04-18-2008 12:27 PM

I have a chin implant and I love it.
Hello. I had a fairly modest chin and I wanted a big more masculine chin with addition of a cleft. I got a great implant with addition of a nice cleft and liposuction under my jaw line for $3600.00 here in Denver. I am very pleased with the results and now I sort of look like Aaron Eckhardt. I wear a big bushy mustache which highlights my new cleft chin. I get compliments on it all the time.

ken_doll_in_making 04-19-2008 12:05 AM

Hairygoateeguy - you got a chin implant AND jawline liposuction for $3600?! you do realize in l.a these overpriced plastic surgeons charge that much for lipo alone. Aaron Eckhardt has a great jawline and for that price you really lucked out. What was the recovery like?

Hairygoateeguy 04-25-2008 08:32 AM

I shopped around.
I shopped around here in the Denver area and went on several consultations. I finally found a Dr. that knew what I wanted and was willing to do it. I took pictures to his office to show him exactly what I wanted. I saved $300.00 by having a local anestetic. It was fairly pain free except when he injected the lidocane. But , even that was about like going to the dentist. Once I was numb he went to work and I was able to talk during the surgery. My inscision was under my chin. The lipo felt weird, he got pretty aggressive getting the fat out. But then again I'm not squeemish about stuff like that. I also got to drive home after the surgery cause I didn't have a general. I missed 5 days of work which included one weekend. The first three days were ugly. I stayed at home and took oxycontyn. But I was off of that and on Advil after five days. Its been 2.5 weeks now and I've been back to work doing fine. The scare is still a red line. I only had two stitches and he used glue for the rest of the inscision. At times I've had new swelling, mostly in the evening but its been very minor. My jaw is much more defined, My new cleft (I got an implant with a cleft) is coming in nicely. I usually wear a big bushy goatee but now I just have a big bushy mustache and it looks great with the new cleft chin. I did have to learn how to shave the cleft. It's easy to cut yourself.

m3_luvr 04-26-2008 03:40 PM

Dude you lucked out. That's crazy you were able to drive home yourself after surgery. I didn't know they did facial implants with local anesthesia. But trust me bro $300 is nothing to pay over in LA they charge you $2000 to $4000 for anesthesia alone. That's more than what you paid for everything which is pretty nuts. Are you using anything on the scar? There's some good silicone creams you can use but I think you need to wait until you're 6 to 8 weeks post-op.

Atari 04-28-2008 02:09 AM

This guy I met in Miami had a cleft chin that I thought looked fake. I wonder if he had a chin implant? Guess I'll never know now.

Hairygoateeguy 04-28-2008 10:43 AM

Lots of Reasons for a Chin Implant
Many people that have jaw cancer have implants to make up for the bone/tissue loss. I guess some do look fake. Mine looks real (I think) its not overdone. Michel Jackson had one but I think he had it removed. I was raised by a wonderful man. He had a cleft chin so I wanted one too. My own father was cruel to me both mentally and physically. Changing my face to look less like my real dad was a way to put some of the hurt behind me. I see in the mirror a guy that has taken control of his own life and left the past behind.

aquaduck 05-02-2008 01:16 PM

Just stumbled across this I'd love to see what it looks like! Would it be possible to post a pic and censor out the rest of your face? I just want to see your chin :)

eric 05-04-2008 01:26 PM

chin implant after broken chin?
hey i was in a bad car accident a couple years ago and my jaw and chin were smashed. they look okay now but there's a couple metal plates in there covering up the bone. they need to be taken out but my worry is the lumpy broken bone underneath will show through. all of my doctors said i would need to get something to cover it up. do they make chin implants that just do a tiny modication? i don't need a bigger chin and i don't want it wider. i basically just need something that will put a layer over the crushed bone and i want to keep my chin looking the same. is this possible?

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