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lynz3 09-02-2010 12:22 PM

chin implant revision
For 21/2 years I've been trying to accept the cosmetic surgery I had done (lower fl, chin implant, eyelids). I 'm shocked when I catch my reflection in the mirror while shopping or at the gym. Immediately following the surgery I expressed my concern about my large cheek bones and chin. My PS said they were fine. I'd consulted with four plastic surgeons who thought either a small chin implant or none would do. The PS who did my surgery said he would make the decision during surgery and used a LARGE implant (1 cm projection). I could hardly believe it! When I asked about changing to a smaller implant he said that it would probably become crooked. My right cheekbone has an indentation beside it which results in a harsh appearance. At age 50 I loved the way I looked. By age 56 I was looking to erase a few years. Now, I need to find an excellent PS who has a good sense of artistry and does revisions. Baltimore, Philadelphia, & Washington are easy for me to get to. Can anyone suggest a doctor?

sherry 11-22-2013 04:13 PM

Dr. Bucky in the Phila area

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