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JonathanA 06-02-2010 10:10 PM

Chin Implant Shifting

I underwent rhinoplasty and chin augmentation a little over six years ago and am very happy with the results.

However, the other day I was doing some TMJ exercises for my jaw and felt a sharp pain in my chin where the silicon implant is. I still feel some minor pain in my chin but look the same as far as I can tell.

I now live across the country. Is it worth making a trip out to Newport Beach to meet with Dr. Daniel or is it more likely that I just strained a muscle or something? I was told that it would take considerable impact to cause a shift. Is this true?

Thank you.


Mr. Z 06-03-2010 09:15 PM

If the chin implant was fixated in place using a screw displacement is highly unlikely. It could be that a nerve was irritated. Email Dr. Danial and see what he says. Let me know what you hear.

robyne00 06-05-2010 08:42 AM

Welcome to the forum!!! :D

I would definitely phone or e-mail the surgeon ASAP.

Please keep us posted regarding your situation.

JonathanA 06-29-2010 09:38 PM

Just an update:

First consultation was okay. Doctor prescribed a couple of x-rays (panorex and lateral cephalogram) but seemed keen on a sliding genioplasty.

Having a second consultation with another highly-recommended Las Vegas surgeon on Friday and seeing Dr. Daniel in Newport Beach next Tuesday. Hopefully will be getting this done fairly soon, as the discomfort is not improving.


JonathanA 07-02-2010 03:03 PM

Second update:

The surgeon I saw thinks that the implant shifted and thinks that the best option is to remove it and screw in a Medpor implant in its place. It seems pretty straightforward and I'm leaning toward this option at the moment.


robyne00 07-09-2010 10:02 AM

Please keep us updated regarding your progress!

JonathanA 07-09-2010 05:28 PM

Third update:

I spoke with my original surgeon on Tuesday and he doesn't think that the implant shifted, but that I aggravated a nerve. Apparently, it can take as long as 3-4 months for the sensation to return to normal.

He recommends that I leave it alone for now as long as it doesn't get any worse. If the discomfort continues into the Fall, then he says that we may want to consider removing the implant.

The x-rays look normal (confirmed by three surgeons) and the placement is good, so I think I'll just leave it be for now and hope that it goes away. As soon as it does, I'll post an update.

Has anyone experienced this type of thing before? Never knew you could damage or irritate a nerve out of nowhere.


robyne00 07-10-2010 12:30 PM

I agree with the third surgeon, however, sensation should return between 2-4 months. Every situation is individually dependent. Good luck! Please keep us updated.

JonathanA 07-11-2010 08:28 PM

Thanks, Robyne. I'll keep an eye on it and hope for the best! Will update again in a month or so.


la_angel 07-13-2010 11:24 AM

Well Jonathan that's great to hear that it is probably something that doesn't need surgery and will heal on its own! I wouldn't call what happened to you normal, but it isn't unusual for nerves being irritated with chin implants (but usually the symptom is loss of sensation).

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