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pastypigeon 05-13-2010 01:22 PM

Sliding Genioplasty + Lip Lift to make face look less long? (pictures)

I am considering undergoing a sliding genioplasty this summer to make my face look less long. I have a long, but recessed chin, so I would like it to be brought out forward but have the vertical height decreased and the width increased. I also would like to increase symmetry, since my chin deviates to the left. I was also considering a lip lift, plus a revision rhinoplasty to make the distance between my nose and upper lip smaller so that the lower half of my face appears less long, and also to increase the symmetry of my lips since one side is lower than the other. I also thought that injectables around the cheek, lower eye area would add volume to my face and make it more feminine, and less long and masculine. I know these are a lot of procedures, but the main one is the sliding genio, so I thought this would be the best forum to post this under :)

This is a before picture and an idea of what I would like my after to look like

Do you think these procedures would help achieve the look I am seeking? All comments and suggestions are appreciated :)

robyne00 05-14-2010 05:10 PM

First off, I would change the hairstyle. Have you ever had a layered cut, maybe with bangs? Hair in layers around your face might help your look and save you $$$.

I need to see a profile pic, but your lips are definitely not an issue. Genioplasty, facial fillers, and maybe a chin implant (need profile pic) might help you.

Your nose concerns me as well, as it looks very slim (and even slimmer in the morph).

pastypigeon 05-15-2010 03:23 PM

Hi Robyne, thanks for replying. I posted on the rhinoplasty forum a couple of months ago, but here's another profile pic :)

You can see that because of my midface flatness, my eyes appear to bulge out and I look like I have eyebags. I was thinking that the facial fillers would help give volume in that area, as well as make my face appear more rounded.

My chin is recessed, and it is asymmetric, narrow, and long. Im hoping that with the sliding genio, it can be centered and brought forward while also decreasing the vertical height, which I think would make it appear less narrow as well.

As I discussed a couple of months ago, my bridge is quite thin, but I feel as though the tip is huge in comparison to it, which is why I would want to make it narrower and bring it down closer to the lip to decrease my nose to lip distance.

I'm posting with a headband to show my entire facial anatomy. While agree that an appropriate haircut can greatly improve someone's appearance, I personally don't like the idea of hiding my face behind my hair to camouflage a flaw :)

What are your thoughts?

robyne00 05-15-2010 03:48 PM

I do not think your eyes appear to bulge out. Tey are actually quite beautiful and a nice prominent feature. The eyebags are there because you ... well, have eyebags. :( That might be an issue you want to address.

Your midface is not flat, but it is weak, as your nose has "taken over the landscape of your face" so to speak. Addressing the undereye area as well as facial fillers might help your overall look. Like I said leave the lips alone. I would try facial fillers prior to genioplasty, as fillers are so much less invasive.

I agree with the chin implant at this point, however, if you have any alterations done to your nose, do those first, as a chin implant might not be necessary.

I would address the tip, not the bridge so much. Slightly perhaps, however, the bridge is not the main culprit. The problem is so many docs claim to be tip experts ... and they're not. When it comes to the tip you need to get an expert.

I agree with not hiding your face behind your hair, but you have outstanding eyes, and the right haircut would only flatter your face. :)

pastypigeon 05-15-2010 09:08 PM

Thanks for your advise and comments :)

Do you think the lower eyebags would be best addressed with lower lid blepharoplasty, or a submalar implant/ fillers to the midface area to lift the area?

What work would you recommend doing to the bridge? For the tip, I was thinking of a general narrowing of the lower two thirds and bringing the nostril in slightly from the right side only.

How can fillers be used in place of a sliding genioplasty? My main concern is the marked asymmetry; do think fillers can be used to correct this?

If any of these topics should be moved to another thread please let me know :)

Front view:

la_angel 05-16-2010 07:38 PM

Oh dear, your eyes do not "bulge" out. What you have are big, beautiful eyes and that is a highly desired trait! :)

You do have eye bags, but that is something many of us suffer from. What have you tried to far to remedy them thus far? Not that they are something easy to get rid of, most of us just have to resort to makeup to cover them :(

Have you spoken to anyone yet about the sliding genioplasty? I think you should speak with an oral surgeon who specializes in it to find out more (because from what I hear it's can be a difficult surgery). From what I gather it's a straightforward process to bring out the projection, but if yours is off on one side I think that will make it a bit more complicated. A dear childhood friend of mine had sliding genioplasty in high school, I remember there being multiple operations to move everything and preserve her bite.

But getting back to the nose, I think you have an absolutely lovely profile. If you were to change it, just bring it in so it sits a tad closer (but keep the shape the same). Who knows, doing that may also solve the weak chin and then you wouldn't need a sliding genioplasty.

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