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Duckling 01-14-2012 05:59 PM

(Didn't find a better place to put this in) Temple implants?
I have a face shaped like a vase, or a trapezoid, It has wider jaws than forehead, sunken in temples, and it has caused me to hate the entirety of my face. However, I found out there's a type of a temple augmentation procedure that could possibly fix this. I don't know where to look to find a surgeon who can do this, (I live in Scandinavia and would be ready to travel to any of the Scandinavian countries) but I feel like it's super important to get sort of forever lasting implants in my temples, instead of facial fillers.

Explore Plastic Surgery - Dr. Barry Eppley Blog Archive Minimally Invasive Temporal Augmentation (MITA Procedure) Here is the procedure in question. I know it's more for just the sunken in temples, but maybe it could work for the rest of the things too if applied correctly?

Not many people have this problem, that's why there isn't a subforum for temples/forehead reconstruction, (I just put it in the forum on the part next to the temples) but I really want to find someone who can fix this. Please. (I'm getting desperate)

Now, this is my face as it currently is

And this is how I'd like it to be. All smooth and ovally heart shaped and stuff.

Does anyone here have any experience of this, and could possibly tell me what I can do?

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