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srikumar_jr 03-28-2011 09:34 PM

Bony indentations in my forehead
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Hello everyone,
I am from INDIA.I am in need of your valuable suggestions.My face has bony indentations in the forehead(linearly almost on entire right side of face).But left side of face is normal.I attached photos also with this post.Until 6 years of age my face is normal.After that, crops of small boils came on right side of face and later slowly it became like this.And also black scar was formed there.No traumatic history is there behind this problem.
My doubts are:
1.Is it curable with plastic surgery?
2.What this condition is called?
3.What is the name of operation for correcting this(name of surgical procedure)?
4.Are there any side effects after this surgery?(This is my main doubt-Because some rural physicians here, dreaded me with life risk warning for surgically correcting my condition)
5.After surgically corrected ,will there be any chances of recurring the same?
6.Approximately how much it will cost?(just to have an idea)
Thanks a lot for spending your valuable time in reading my post.Waiting for your reply.

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