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skindeep 01-29-2011 04:58 AM

Cheek Implants for 30 year old with thin long face - please review my pics
Hi All,

Well I am new to the forum after stumbling across it whilst trying to make a decision on whether cheeks implants will help improve my facial balance and appearance.

Firstly, uploading pictures of my self in the best/worst lighting, makeup free and close-up is SO confronting. (EEK do i really look like that :Freak: hehe). Anyway, i would like to start by saying that I have extensively done my research and found the right surgeon for me. I have booked in for rhinoplasty as I have been cursed with my fathers nose which seems to be getting bigger and bigger as my face has gotten much slimmer over the past year or so. I HATE my nose and cannot wait to get a new improved one with my septum corrected and adnoids removed in the process. So before you jump out screaming "cheek implants, fix that nose first woman.... I am aware :)

Moving along... I have always had the long narrow face with a large forehead, but when I turned 28 I lost a lot of weight after childbirth and have been stable and happy where I am since. however since this has happened I now feel that my large features e.g eyes, nose, mouth and forehead have now becoming even more noticeable. When I was at my consultation with my PS regarding my nose I touched on the cheeks subject expressing how my long face and huge features were starting to look bigger by the day and would cheeks help soften my look. My PS said med implants would work but we scheduled another time to talk in more detail as my consultation had already gone way over and we were running late.

So this brings me to why I am here....I am hoping a few of those who are experienced on this site would provide some feedback / input into if I would be a good candidate. Oh and possibly addressing the hollowed under eyes with filler?

My biggest fears are as follows, so please feel free to comment should you have some advice

- looking unnatural - seeing madonna and Chloe(olivia newton-johns daughter) cheeks scare me. I don't want friends to notice cheeks as such
-size - he briefly touched on medium but as my face is VERY long and slim will they stick out?
- where to put them.... you get the drift.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and what a wonderful place for people to come and get some first hand advice


Cosmetic Surgeon Houston 05-02-2011 02:03 PM

As long as you feel like you have found the right surgeon, they should cooperate with your concerns as far as not wanting to look unnatural. I know you said you have done your research, but please make sure his/her credentials are correct and try to get a few reviews. Your surgeon should listen to your concerns and you should feel comfortable with the cosmetic surgery before going through with it.

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