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crrogers22 11-30-2010 07:34 PM

Dr Palmer - Los Angeles
I have scheduled and paid for a set of procedures with Francis Palmer, MD. I chose him because he kept telling me that he was "world famous" and the best doctor for cheeks. However, I cannot find reviews of him anywhere!

Anyway, he wanted me to get 3 syrninges of Juvaderm, microliposuction to my cheeks and cheek implants. Because the price of the Juvaderm was $1000/syringe, I declined it but went with the other 2 procedures (augmentation and microlip)

I called the other day to ask for pictures of what microlipo to a man's face would like like and they sent me to this picture (the man at the bottom:

The Palmer Celebrity Lift | Beverly Hills Facelift | Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

The man's nasolabial folds look gone but Dr Palmer says he had no fillers just a face lift, microlipo and a neck lift. If microliipo does this good of a job eliminating nasolabilal folds, I am concerned that they wanted me to get fillers, too. In other words, I am worried about Palmer's ethics (i.e., selling procedures you don't need)

My questions:
1- do you believe this guy had no fillers?
2 - has anybody heard anything about Dr Palmer's cheek work with men?

thank you

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